Sell Excess Shelf Stable Food Inventory

Excess shelf stable food inventory can be problematic for retailers, distributors, and wholesalers when it becomes impossible to sell. Lewisco Holdings is a prime player in the liquidation market, able to take those problem goods out of the primary market and transfer them into more suitable destinations.

Sell Excess Shelf Stable Food InventoryShelf stable goods are those products that can rest on the shelf for a year or longer without required refrigeration. When these products do not sell well or reach best by dates, they are often fine for use far after these dates.

We can buy the goods that you no longer want to have take up room on your shelves. All that you have to do is reach out to us; we’ll pay quickly and fairly.

Then, we’ll target the goods among our many buyers to pay the savings forward. Our network is diverse and completely separate from primary markets.

What We Buy and Sell

Specialized liquidation efforts like those we provide cater to the following types of goods:

  • Frozen foods like frozen dinners, ice creams, etc.
  • Refrigerated foods like eggs, deli meat, cheese, etc.
  • Canned foods like tuna, pinto beans, mandarin oranges, etc.
  • Shelf-stable dry goods like noodles, crackers, rice, etc.
  • Alcohol-free beverages like sodas, bottled water, juices, etc.
  • Pet food and treats – wet and dry dog and cat food and treats
  • Paper products – toilet paper, paper towels, plastic cutlery, etc.
  • Health and beauty items – makeup, soap, shampoo, styler, etc.
  • Cleaning products – tools and chemicals

Who We Buy from and Sell To

We have a long list of buyers and sellers. This list makes it possible to make short work of inventory. After all, the goods that we deal in are fighting time.

When we buy goods, our 3,000+ clients enjoy immediate pickup and same or next day pickup. The condition of goods we buy can be varied.

  • Cancelled orders
  • Overstocked items
  • Short-coded/close-dated goods
  • Older versions of products with newer versions or packaging
  • Closeouts and markdowns
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Seasonal/holiday items
  • Any other slow-moving merchandise

The buyers we cater to are many as well; although, we do not sell to first line market members like convenience stores, supermarkets, or restaurants. We screen all of our buyers to ensure that the original customers and the secondary ones don’t overlap.

We sell to entities such as:

  • Mom-and-pop stores
  • Community food banks
  • Jails and prisons
  • Schools
  • Salvage grocers
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Much more

Our long-developed buyer list facilitates the process of transferring goods quickly and confidentially. Lewisco Holdings promises fairness in our transactions, and we have deep purchase power, a dedicated carrier fleet, and national warehouses.

At times, companies choose to keep their products and employ us as a sales force. In these cases, we’ll sell the goods and arrange for shipment. We can also provide a turnkey auction service.

Purchasers from among our inventory simply need to call and provide us with the sort of goods that you’d like to purchase. We regularly bring in new inventory and will reach out when our products match your need.

When you need to sell excess shelf stable food inventory, no liquidator will do a better job than Lewisco Holdings. We will happily save your goods from the trash and pass the quality goods on to a new life. Contact us online or call (917) 651-0101 to learn more about becoming a seller or buyer of liquidation-worthy products.