Sell Excess Pet Food Supplies

The variety and diversity of the pet food market is growing daily. In an effort to meet specific consumer niches, pet supply manufacturers, distributors, and retailers often find themselves left with products that won’t move and continue to accrue overhead costs in addition to the initial investment. Lewisco Holdings is able to resolve this problem by allowing first-line marketers to sell excess pet food and supplies.

Understanding the Lewisco Holdings Liquidation Process

  • Destination and quantity of goods do not affect liquidation possibility
  • Confidentiality assured
  • Every transaction is straightforward and fast
  • Fast, fair offers can be made without in-person evaluation
  • Our status is one of a liquidator – not a broker or trader
  • Immediate payment and same-day pickup are the rule rather than an exception

Buy and Sell Excess Goods

Sell Excess Pet Food SuppliesLiquidation should always be fast and stress-free, regardless of the category of merchandise. Lewisco Holdings has a significant term of experience that has allowed us to develop effective best practices and nationwide logistics. Companies that sell to us or buy from us appreciate the fair prices and ability to transport any amount of goods quickly. We’re the answer for all companies interested in either end of the liquidation process.

Liquidated Pet Products

The catalog of goods we deal in is large and includes pet supplies of all kinds including dry, canned, freeze-dried, and wet food, treats of all sorts, and various other care supplies when they become available for liquidation.

Scenarios that indicate liquidation is appropriate are situational and product dependent. Items that we find available are often in one of the following conditions:

  • Closeout lines
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Overstocks
  • Almost expired or expired products
  • Older versions of products with new recipes or packaging
  • Cancellations
  • Holiday and seasonal merchandise
  • Slow-moving products

Lewisco Holdings has a group of buyers that is over 400 strong and distributed throughout the country. When we have pet supplies, food, and treats come our way, we target the goods to the most appropriate destination within that group. From small retailers to animal shelters, charitable organizations, and specialty stores, the entities that end up with our goods are vetted and committed to staying within manufacturer restrictions.

Limiting brand exposure by forbidding advertising, display, and sale outside of geographic boundaries are keys to liquidation. The recipients of our products are secondary market members and operate with discretion. Mabel’s Farms, our repackaging label, protects from incidental exposure when other measures don’t suffice. Our sellers count on us at Lewisco Holdings to make sure that their products aren’t seen in diminishing surroundings and that our customers are always separate from their own.

Count on us to send offers and arrange to collect the goods with all due speed – often on the same day – and send payment over immediately. Lewisco Holdings’ warehouses are spread throughout the entire continental US, and the transportation logistics we use allow for fast liquidation of goods.

If your warehouse shelves are full of excess pet food supplies that you can’t seem to move, sell them to Lewisco Holdings. All you’ll need to do is contact us online or by calling (917) 210-9395 and then sending relevant information. We’ll work out an offer, send payment, and collect the goods without any work on your end. You won’t find a better liquidation source regardless of whether you need to eliminate surplus products or take advantage of their low prices as a buyer.