Sell Excess Frozen Food Inventory

Does your company need a confidential method to sell excess frozen food inventory? The strict guidelines regarding selling these grocery items often result in entire loads being refused. When this situation occurs, call Lewisco Holdings. You can offset loss of profits by allowing us to bury these quality goods in secondary markets rather than allowing them to go to waste and your entire investment be lost.

From Packaging Errors to Close Dates

Sell Excess Frozen Food InventoryPlenty of errors and situations may lead goods to liquidation. Frozen food, for instance, can find itself relegated to the salvage grocery store or community food pantry if the package has errors. Misstated nutrition facts, mistaken portion sizing, and oversights in the ingredient list may seem like small errors, but they can be significant – even deadly in the case of accidental triggering of food allergies.

Items that are near, or even past, expiration and best by dates should call Lewisco Holdings to see whether the goods can be liquidated. We have a large group of buyers in alternative lines of distribution whom we can target for these opportunity purchases. It’s important that all parties act fast, especially when dealing with frozen food products.

Meet Lewisco Holdings

An independent, established liquidator, Lewisco Holdings is an industry leader in the liquidation arena. Our services extend nationwide, and we have relationships with a huge network of both buyers and sellers.

Situations that merit a call to us include the following:

  • Short-coded products
  • Close-dated products
  • Products past “best by” date
  • “Expired” products
  • Overstocks
  • Slow-moving inventory
  • Closeout products
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Mis-cut or damaged goods
  • Packaging changes
  • Recipe changes
  • Cancelled orders
  • Out-of-season products

Understanding Food Labeling and Its Effects on Liquidation

The rules of operations that govern food sales are largely arbitrary and often end in significant waste. While these rules are necessary in primary sales lines, the dates on packaging are often misunderstood. Lewisco Holdings purchases grocery items and redistributes them into a space where they can be used and sold.

Our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to evaluate the products and target them to the appropriate destination. Give us a call and provide photos, the brand/label, every date inside and outside of the package, the ingredient list, nutrition facts, amount of product, location, and the price you’re seeking. We can take that info and pull together an offer to have the goods out of your way and cash in your account that same day or the next.

Depend on us here at Lewisco Holdings to perform as your liquidation provider. We are not brokers or traders, and we perform well for every client and every buyer. We work with over 6,000 sellers and 400 buyers to liquidate goods properly.

When liquidation doesn’t work for your company, consider using our sales team as your own. We will handle the sale while you retain possession of the goods. This process will bring in more money while you still enjoy a hands-free experience.

Our auction contacts can help as well. We provide a turn-key service for the auction process and handle all the details.

Should your company need to sell excess frozen food inventory, don’t hesitate. Reach out online or by calling (917) 210-9395 to explore all of the liquidation options we offer here at Lewisco Holdings.