Sell Excess Food inventory

Shelves full of merchandise that simply won’t move tie up your ability to buy goods that will sell. To sell any excess food inventory, call Lewisco Holdings. We buy these goods and redistribute them to salvage and discount stores, charitable organizations, and other opportunity customers. Our sense of fairness and our ability to work fast make us the obvious choice for liquidation.

Sell Excess Food inventoryAs a trusted, independently owned liquidating operator, Lewisco Holdings works to remove any amount or type of good from the primary market into the secondary. Don’t put off making the call. Waiting could lessen the value of your goods. The products that we work with demand a quick turnaround to achieve the highest profitability.

Lewisco Holdings purchases and redistributes frozen, canned, refrigerated, and dry goods; non-alcoholic beverages; wet and dry pet foods; and general merchandise products.

We buy from over 3,000 producers and distributors of products throughout the country. Any of these less than ideal situations warrant a call to us here at Lewisco Holdings:

  • Close-dated or short-coded products
  • Imminent “best by” dates
  • Product overruns
  • Closeouts
  • Overstocks
  • Discontinued products
  • Changes in packaging design
  • Changes in product recipe (ingredients)
  • Off spec or mis-cut products
  • Cancelled orders
  • Seasonal products
  • Other slow-moving and underperforming products
  • Private labels
  • Mis-cut or slightly irregular goods

Understanding how important the reputation of brands can be, Lewisco Holdings has best practices designed to bury goods within the secondary market in such a way that the brand is never at risk of being seen in less than ideal circumstances.

Manufacturer restrictions exist for a reason. Lewisco Holdings is committed to geographic boundaries over locations of sales and protection from advertising and heavy display. Our buyers will never be the same as the customers of our clients, and they share the same respect for manufacturer restrictions. Mabel’s Farms, the private label offered by Lewisco Holdings repackaging process will also serve to protect branding.

To process your products and make an offer, Lewisco Holdings will need some information including the following:

  • Label/brand
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutritional facts
  • Photographs
  • All dates from the label and the inside of the package
  • Package size
  • Numbers of cases on a pallet
  • Pallets in a load
  • Product location
  • Desired price for the product in question

After receiving this info, we often make an offer the same day. If you agree with the price we offer, we’ll arrange for pick up that day or the next and send payment immediately.

Who Buys from Us?

The buyers who make purchases from Lewisco Holdings are vetted and targeted to make sure that they’re the right recipient of the goods in question. We regularly sell to small retailers who are independently owned, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, schools, farmers’ markets, community food banks, prisons and jails, exporters, and other charitable organizations.

Our buyer base is large and makes it possible for us to buy and redistribute large amounts of merchandise. The type, season, amount, and location will not stop us from doing business with your company.

If buyers want to stretch budgets or maximize profits, they should seek out reputable companies like Lewisco Holdings. You can check our background and our reputation. We deal fairly and quickly. Our existing repeat customers attest to this fact.

Reach out to Lewisco Holdings at your earliest convenience by calling (917) 210-9395 to sell excess food inventory or to take advantage of the opportunity to buy it.