Sell Excess Canned Food Inventory

If you’re considering tossing excess canned food inventory in the trash because sales are far too slow, stop where you are, and read on about how you can sell the product to liquidators like Lewisco Holdings to recoup your investment.

Sell Excess Canned Food InventoryLocation and volume aren’t impediments to our service. We are one of the largest and best liquidators in the US, and we have a significant amount of purchase power, a dedicated carrier fleet, twelve warehouses throughout the country, and a large contact network to make short work of any amount of problematic merchandise.

Understanding Liquidation

Liquidation is an integral part of the distribution chain. Liquidators serve to connect the first and second markets by purchasing goods that are no longer appropriate for sale in first-line distribution spaces, and we confidentially resell them into secondary markets.

Lewisco Holdings is the best at this process. Our extensive history and logistical capacity demonstrate that we are capable and worthy of trust.

Key Features of Lewiso Holdings’ Liquidation:

  • We purchase goods outright; we do not broker or trade.
  • We offer fast and fair service to all.
  • We clear shelves and storage spaces for new purchases.
  • We recoup a portion of investment for new investments.
  • We commit ourselves to confidentiality.
  • We heed all manufacturer restrictions.
  • We liquidate without regard to volume or quantity.
  • We have strategically located warehouses to efficiently transfer product.
  • We sell to purchasers in alternative markets.
  • We tabulate offers for purchase and provide payment quickly.
  • We provide a fast solution for all of your problematic goods.
  • We will pick up the same day or the next day that the offer is accepted.

The products we liquidate are many. We specialize in food and grocery items as well as pet items, alcohol-free beverages, and some general merchandise. Canned foods are some of the most popularly liquidated items. We welcome your call if you are interested in liquidating goods through our service and are unsure if we purchase the type of goods you have.

Joining the list of those whom we buy from is simple. The list is quite long – over 3,000 – and consists of distributors, retailers, and manufacturers. These entities expect same or next day pickup and fair payments. We provide professional treatment and various benefits when we buy your overstocks, closeouts, markdowns, discontinued items, or other slow-moving products. If it’s been on the shelf too long, liquidate it.

Once we’ve bought goods, we transfer them into alternative channels. We also have many buyers (400+), but we vet those buyers well. Every buyer must agree to follow every restriction and brand protection required. At no point should branded goods be seen in less than ideal circumstances, nor should original customers be the same as our buyers’ customers. We mandate absolute discretion from our buyers regarding display, advertising, and geographic bounds.

Liquidation is an inevitable part of the product line of distribution. Poor purchasing decisions, overstocks, damage, etc. shouldn’t mean that all of the investment is lost, and it doesn’t have to. We provide sellers of liquidated goods and buyers of quality goods at low, low prices to benefit from the situation.

Lewisco Holdings is ready when you need to sell excess canned food inventory. Contact us online or by calling (917) 651-0101 to discover all the ways we can aid in liquidation.