Sell Closeout Snacks

Closeout snacks collecting dust on store shelves taint the sense of quality for nearby products and even the entire store, but you can still sell these goods to liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. We can help primary distributors by purchasing such merchandise and benefit the secondary market and those it serves with quality products at the lowest possible price.

Return to Profitability

Sell Closeout SnacksMoney tied into inventory that won’t sell is money that you can’t use to buy more merchandise, and the inventory that won’t sell eats away at profits as overhead costs accumulate day by day.

We at Lewisco Holdings can resolve this problem. As a leader in the liquidation industry, we have long-standing, established contacts with both primary lines of distribution and secondary marketers. Our process is known as fair and fast, and the ultimate goal is always to return our clients to profitability while extending savings to our buyers. Throughout our buying and selling endeavors, confidentiality reigns.

The sales channels we use to redirect the products that we buy are over 400 strong, with independent accounts from coast to coast. Our logistical capacity allows us to move all quantities of goods into the secondary market, and our network of buyers is large and varied enough to welcome all the goods we can handle without any overlap of primary markets.

Extending the supply chain from manufacturing to secondary sales is our process at its most basic. We serve some of the largest producers, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors in the country.

In our many years of experience in the liquidation arena, Lewisco Holdings has perfected the balance of securing the highest return for our clients along with the rock bottom price for our customers. Our service allows viable food goods and other merchandise to avoid the dumpster while allowing charitable and government institutions to do more with their limited budgets and independent discount stores to maximize their profit margins.

Items of Import Regarding Lewisco Holdings

  • Quantity has no effect on our purchase ability;
  • Confidentiality is a key component of our process;
  • Speed ensures the quality of liquidated products;
  • Our liquidation process is marked by a straightforward process for zero confusion;
  • We pay immediately;
  • We do not broker or trade, only buy;
  • Our service extends from coast to coast due to our ample storage and transportation abilities.

Our Trading Ability

Lewisco Holdings can liquidate a wide range of goods from food and grocery items to non-alcoholic beverages, pet items, paper products, cleaning chemicals and tools, health and beauty aids, and much more.

Stocking the Snack Cabinet for Less

Closeout cookies, crackers, snack cakes, chips, and other snacks don’t have to be thrown away. Instead, give Lewisco Holdings a call. We’ll buy them outright for a fair price and pick them up usually the same day – returning your shelving space and unclogging your purchasing ability.

Then, we discreetly introduce these snack foods into secondary markets. Community food banks, schools, prisons, and deep-discount grocers benefit from the savings, and in difficult economic times, these discounts are incredibly important.

Retailers and distributors unable to sell closeout snack foods should call Lewisco Holdings for solutions: (917) 210-9395. To receive an offer, we simply need photos, relevant product info, quantities, location, and preferred pricing. When an agreement is made, payment follows immediately and pickup soon after.