Sell Closeout Food Products with Ease

Making all of the right decisions regarding the production and purchase of merchandise is simply impossible, making an avenue to sell closeout food products with ease an essential part of the distribution process. That’s where Lewisco Holdings and our brand of top-notch liquidation enters the chat. We buy your purchase mistakes and sell them in more appropriate avenues, where they can be used and appreciated.

Sell Closeout Food Products with EaseOur fast, hands-free liquidation process will quickly return your endeavors to profitability – providing you with cash to reinvest and space to store and display your new purchases and production lines.

If you’re choosing to liquidate goods, you likely want to be rid of them as quickly as possible. We’ll help you make short work of troublesome merchandise, especially since liquidation-worthy goods are often on a time clock.

We pay top dollar, wire the payment immediately upon offer acceptance, and collect our purchase the same day or the following day. Then, we begin targeted sales within our buyer network as soon as items are placed in our inventory. The speed of our operations is possible because of our seamless best practices, experienced staff, dedicated carrier network, and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses.

Our processes result in merchandise well concealed within secondary markets, protecting the original brand’s identity and reputation.

What We Buy

Liquidation of frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry groceries; alcohol-free, shelf-stable beverages; wet and dry cat and dog food and treats; paper products like toilet paper and paper towels; cleaning merchandise; and cosmetics and toiletries comes through the efforts of Lewisco Holdings.

Lewisco Holdings is not a broker or a trader. We purchase goods outright for resale. Throughout the process, we protect the brand and the original customer channels, working confidentially and under manufacturer restrictions.

Benefits of Liquidation Sales through Lewisco Holdings

  • Dedicated national carrier network
  • Thirteen warehouses spread throughout the continental United States
  • Speedy and appropriate liquidation for all parties connected by liquidation
  • Eliminate unwanted merchandise, reducing overhead and freeing up cash flow
  • Professional liquidators to provide 100% customer satisfaction
  • Brand protection through vetting, manufacturer restrictions, and our private label repackaging service

Regain as much of your investment as possible through liquidation! We will buy your unwanted products for a fair price and won’t require any effort from your staff for the sales process.

Benefits of Liquidation Purchases through Lewisco Holdings

  • Convenient purchasing
  • Quick delivery
  • Top-quality, name-brand products
  • Bottom dollar pricing

The Lewisco Holdings’ customer network has more than 400 members. All of our customers operate in the non-traditional market, ensuring that the products are kept completely removed from the first lines of distribution. We sell to community food pantries, schools, prisons and jails, small grocers, and other non-traditional outlets rather than convenience stores and supermarket chains.

Alternatives to Liquidation through Lewisco Holdings:

  • Turnkey digital auction access
  • Proxy sales team with drop shipment arrangements upon sale

Rely on Lewisco Holdings for all things liquidation. We perform with integrity and speed, allowing our clients to sell closeout food products quickly. Our customers, in turn, enjoy the opportunity to buy products at deeply reduced prices. They can then pass on those savings to their customers or take advantage of the chance to expand their profit margins and customer base. Click here or call (917) 651-0101 to contribute to or buy from our inventory of liquidation-worthy goods.