Salvage Pet Food Liquidators

Salvage pet food liquidators, like Lewisco Holdings, assist manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers offload surplus and slow-moving products. Our process of liquidation provides the best avenue possible for minimizing losses and restoring space for additional products.

Salvage Pet Food LiquidatorsIndependently owned with years of experience in the liquidation industry, Lewisco Holdings is proven and prepared to help your company whether you have goods that you need to sell or would like to buy from our inventory catalog. Regardless of season, destination, or quantity, Lewisco Holdings is happy to offer liquidation services.

The Products We Purchase

Lewisco Holdings specializes in liquidating items in the food, beverage, pet, and general merchandise categories.

Pet food is of particular interest for liquidation since the products are staples and have a long shelf life. Examples of the specific pet items we handle include the following:

  • Kibble/dry food
  • Dehydrated food/treats
  • Canned food
  • Organic food
  • Freeze-dried food
  • Biscuit style treats
  • more

The condition of the goods we handle generally indicate that the products are more suitable for secondary markets. Potential conditions include the following:

  • overstocked product lines
  • closeout goods
  • discontinued product lines
  • items near “best by” or expiration dates
  • older versions of products with packaging or formulation updates

Our capacity to purchase is large because we have a network of more than 400 separate accounts throughout the country. Lewisco Holdings is able to confidentially dispose of great quantities of all sorts of products to our many buyers including animal shelters, private retailers, salvage grocers, food banks, farmers’ markets, schools, jails, and more.

Choose to Sell through Lewisco Holdings

Confidentiality is key to the process of liquidation undertaken by us at Lewisco Holdings. Primary market members can comfortably sell to us knowing that we will handle their brand with discretion, sending goods into the secondary market where goods are not heavily displayed or advertised.

Our buyer group is screened, and we target goods to the most appropriate buyers for certain products. The manufacturer restrictions remain in control over how buyers deal with the products. Buyers of our products must submit to manufacturer guidance relative to display, advertising, geography, and more. We have a large number of buyers, all over the country, so we have no difficulty selling the products that we purchase.

The Lewisco Holdings Process of Liquidation

Lewisco Holdings is swift in decision-making, offers, payment, pickup, sales, and delivery. We have to be. We deal in goods where the profit margin decreases by the day. Accomplishing this degree of speed requires that we have a dedicated carrier fleet to transfer our goods and numerous warehouses scattered throughout the nation.

To sell goods to us, send the relevant product info, consider the offer, and await same day pickup and immediate payment. We’re known to be fair in pricing and fast in action, as evidenced by our many years in the industry. The specific info we need includes the following:

  • photos
  • brand/label
  • list of ingredients
  • nutrition facts
  • all dates on interior and exterior of packaging
  • package size
  • number of units, pallets, loads
  • preferred price
  • destination

Salvage pet food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings allow you to avoid loss of profit when products won’t sell. Whether you have surplus inventory or would like to purchase our liquidated goods, give us a call: (917) 210-9395. Our expertise stands to help members of primary and secondary product markets.