Salvage Pet Food Distributors

In difficult economic times, charitable giving is often the first item to go from any budget. Animal shelters bear the brunt of this occurrence. They and pet owners alike may be looking for salvage pet food distributors, and Lewisco Holdings is the ideal place to look. Our process begins with a warehouse and disappointing purchases and ends with a trustworthy liquidation buyer passing on savings to customers.

Disappointing, Slow-Moving Merchandise

Salvage Pet Food DistributorsBuying and production mistakes are common occurrences. Inventory can easily become overwhelming, stifling sales, profits, and on-going purchasing. These occasions prove appropriate for liquidation – freeing up cash flow and clearing space on shelves.

When producers, warehouses, and retailers find that cash flow is tied up in product that won’t move, Lewisco Holdings is the answer. Pet food and supplies, as with groceries, degrade over time and become unusable after a prolonged period of time. Instead of throwing goods away when they reach this point, take advantage of the remaining time and liquidate the goods through our services.

The Inventory at Lewisco Holdings

Here at Lewisco Holdings, we purchase and redistribute all sorts of goods like dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated foods; alcohol-free beverages; general merchandise like HBA items, cleaning products, and paper products; and more. Pet food, treats, and supplies are often purchased and placed within our inventory.

Pet food and treats you’ll find within our catalog include kibble, canned food, dehydrated, organic, jerky, biscuit, high-protein, and more types of treats.

Shopping Our Inventory

Purchasing from our catalog of goods helps buyers stretch small budgets and widen a small profit margin. We have more than 400 buyers whom we trust, and becoming one of this group requires that you be a secondary market player who submits to following manufacturer restrictions – always. These demands mean that buyers will not advertise, display, or go beyond geographic boundaries for sales.

Stocking Our Inventory

Goods come into our inventory when we purchase them from primary marketers like manufacturers, distributors, warehouses, and retailers. Making the choice to liquidate goods through our process enables companies to maximize working capital while lowering overhead and clearing up retail and warehouse shelves.

Trusting us to protect your brand is an obligation we don’t take lightly. When restricting brand display might be a problem, we provide repackaging with the brand Mabel’s Farms for original brand concealment.

When re-selling our products into the secondary market, we’re careful to bury goods carefully to keep any hint of negative attributes from affecting the original source. Our customers and the primary market customers are never the same. We do not sell to restaurants, supermarkets, or convenience stores, instead choosing to target jails, schools, salvage grocers, private retailers, charitable organizations, etc.

Your location and the quantity of goods you have to sell aren’t impediments to our purchasing process. When you provide us with relevant product facts, an offer will follow shortly. Our large financial backing, numerous warehouses, and dedicated carrier fleet make it possible to buy and sell surplus goods quickly.

Distributors who need to divest of salvage pet food products find an effortless solution with Lewisco Holdings. We redirect products into secondary markets in a way that requires no special effort or risk to your brand. To explore options, use our website or call (917) 210-9395 to receive friendly, professional customer support today.