Salvage Grocery Suppliers Near Me

If you are a community food pantry, school, or correctional facility seeking ways to stretch your budget, or a mom-and-pop retail store searching for products that will allow for maximum profits, a search for salvage grocery suppliers near me will lead to Lewisco Holdings. We’re a leader in the liquidation industry, extending the lowest possible prices to our customers.

At Lewisco Holdings, we prioritize our clients and customers, and we have a reputation to prove it. Our history of fair dealing and efficient operations manifests in national recognition as the best option for liquidation services and purchasing surplus goods.

Purchasing Surplus Goods

Salvage Grocery Suppliers Near MeThe network we have here at Lewisco Holdings allows us to make purchases from major manufacturers, and these purchases then become great opportunities for buyers like you to purchase the best possible quality, name-brand grocery and other merchandise at the lowest possible rates.

Our Buyer Categories:

The buyers we sell to are limited to secondary lines of distribution, but we service 400 separate organizations within this market. Examples of the types of entities included in our buyer group are:

  • Privately owned mom-and-pop grocery stores
  • Discount retailers
  • Food pantries
  • Jails and prisons
  • Dollar stores
  • Farmers markets
  • Charities
  • Educational institutions
  • Non-advertising discount salvage stores

Our products and prices can assist you with making your budget go further and your profits grow stronger. We can even help you source specific types of products when you need them.

Often, our suppliers have restrictions on marketing and location. To buy from our company, you must understand, respect, and heed these restrictions. We offer a private label, Mabel’s Farms, along with repackaging services if the product requires it.

To become one of our buyers, give us a call. Let us know what kinds of goods fit your needs, and we will contact you with pricing, delivery, and any other information required.

Become a Supplier of Salvage Goods

Lewisco Holdings also purchases food and groceries in all categories, pet food and treats, health and beauty items, bulk candy and spices, cleaning materials, and paper goods.

Our client list is over 3,000 sellers long. We purchase from wholesalers, retailers, full-line distributers, importers, exporters, and manufacturers. We offer an efficient avenue to get rid of products that are no longer sellable within primary sales channels.

If you have short coded or close dated products, items nearing best by or expiration dates, overstocked merchandise, overrun merchandise, closeout goods, discontinued items, older versions of upgraded products, mis-labeled or mis-cut items, private labels, cancelled orders, and any other slow-moving product, you should call us here at Lewisco Holdings to see how we can help.

As you perform searches for “salvage grocery suppliers near me,” consider the importance of reputation and capacity. When you do, we’re confident that you’ll give us a call. The number for Lewisco Holdings is (917) 210-9395, and we offer online contact options as well.