Salvage Grocery Stores Near Me

If you’re looking to slash your grocery budget, consider searching for “salvage grocery stores near me” to discover cheaper sources for groceries. Lewisco Holdings, and other liquidation companies, are sure to provide the inventory for these stores. Our proven measures help give dead merchandise a second life with customers who can use the products.

Salvage Grocery Stores Near MeWhen products no longer suit primary customer channels, producers, distributors, and retailers don’t have to lose their entire investment. They can choose to mitigate their losses through liquidation.

Understanding How Liquidation Works

The purpose of liquidation is to limit waste and send goods into alternative markets at lower prices. The companies that sell to us regain as much of the money they have spent as possible, and they get space to buy new inventory. They can trust us with their branded products because we’re careful about our operations.

Buyers, like salvage grocery stores, receive merchandise that can be sold at deeply discounted prices and used by individuals and organizations with limited budgets.

Lewisco Holdings operates quickly because we have ample contacts, a dedicated carrier network, and a wide footprint with thirteen warehouses across the country. We’re able to spread our purchases throughout the country to opportunity buyers.

We buy and sell more than food. You’ll be surprised by the items we purchase and that salvage stores stock. We buy all types of food, non-alcoholic beverages, pet food and treats, general merchandise, and household goods. From soap to juice, dog food, paper towels, and more, you’ll find all sorts of other items needed for everyday living at salvage stores, and that inventory arrives through Lewisco Holdings’s liquidation process.

The Brand Protection for Our Customers

For many companies, it’s tempting to toss merchandise in the trash instead of liquidation out of fear of the negative effects on branding or the idea that it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Lewisco Holdings overcomes both of these assumptions.

We provide all possible brand protections. Our buyers follow all of our rules, and we supply repackaging under our own label, Mabel’s Farms, to conceal the brand. Additionally, we do all the work. All you will have to do is send us info about the goods in question.

As part of our protection for those who sell to us, we do not redistribute within the same customer channels. We will never sell to convenience stores, restaurants, or supermarkets. Instead, we focus goods toward salvage grocery stores, jails, schools, and other secondary market customers.

Liquidation Worthy Conditions

We regularly purchase products in all sorts of situations, and a few of those circumstances might include discontinued product lines, overstocked goods, close-dated merchandise, older versions of products with new packaging and recipes, closeouts or markdowns, outdated promotional products, etc.

We have a straightforward process of liquidation that leverages warehouses and a national dedicated carrier network. We work quickly so that you can return to profitability quickly.

In addition to liquidation, Lewisco Holdings can provide a sales team to act on your behalf as well as a turnkey auction service for our inventory sources and a targeted search for our buyers.

As your family or institution tightens its budget, search for “salvage grocery stores near me.” You’ll find surprising goods and prices, sourced by liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. To learn more about the process, call us at (917) 651-0101.