Salvage Groceries

When you have merchandise that qualifies as salvage groceries, Lewisco Holdings stands ready to take care of your liquidation needs. For many years, we’ve been a leader in the industry. Many major manufacturers and distributers count on us to transfer aging food and grocery items to the secondary market quickly and discreetly.

What Do We Do as Inventory Liquidators?

Salvage GroceriesThe categories of overstocked goods that we liquidate at Lewisco Holdings include:

  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable food
  • Paper products
  • Health and beauty merchandise
  • Cleaning products
  • Pet food and treats (wet and dry)

No matter how much inventory you have for us to liquidate, Lewisco Holdings has the logistical capacity to move great quantities of goods. No matter how small or large your burden, give us a call when you have items to liquidate. We’ll handle it with discretion and speed, putting your business back on track effortlessly.

Lewisco Holdings has many years of experience, a wide network of warehouses, and a large contact list of buyers and sellers. We can liquidate almost any product, and we’re able to find particular products when buyers need them.

We work to transfer products from the first distribution line to the second, liquidating products into cash. You’ll have the funds to purchase new inventory that will sell and the space to house it.

What Lewisco Has to Offer

Allowing Lewisco Holdings to liquidate your merchandise provides a great many advantages. The following list is just a few of the ways that we rise above the competition in the inventory liquidation arena:

  • Lewisco Holdings provides a speedy and fair offer, check, and transition.
  • Our logistical setup is experienced, capable, and nationally available.
  • We provide brand and reputation protection by strictly demanding respect of all manufacturer restrictions.
  • We aren’t brokers or traders; we purchase goods outright, eliminating all obligation.
  • We provide an influx of cash and lower overhead expenses.
  • Same or next day pickup is available for all customers operating in the continental United States.
  • Our lines of redistribution remain far removed from primary customer channels.
  • We offer rebranding and repackaging with our own secondary label, Mabel’s Farms.
  • Enjoy cash and space to store your newly purchased inventory once freed from the burden of your overstocks.
  • Experience the best of customer service from a team completely dedicated to positive outcomes for both sellers and buyers.
  • Our services extend to providing sales and shipping services while sellers retain ownership, as well as providing contact with auction services for maximized recoupment.

Purchasing from Lewisco Holdings

The companies we trust to purchase our goods are more than 400, but becoming one of them requires that a few requirements be met. The process is straightforward, but essential. Lewisco Holdings cannot risk the reputation or brand of those from whom we purchase goods.

Our network of buyers consists of independently owned stores striving to pass on deep savings to customers and organizations with limited budgets. The network doesn’t include restaurants, primary supermarkets, or convenience stores.

Instead of allowing excess inventory to drag down your business, choose to sell to Lewisco Holdings. We’ll take salvage groceries, overstocks, and other slow-moving merchandise and pass the savings on to members of the secondary marketplace. Our commitment to confidentiality, convenience, and capability will benefit both ends of the chain. Call (917) 651-0101 to learn more, to make a purchase, or to schedule a pickup today!