Salvage Groceries Wholesale

Lewisco Holdings offers salvage groceries at below wholesale costs! Our mission is to help those with less do more. Organizations with small budgets will be able to serve more in spite of these limitations, and private retailers can extend the savings on to their customers, building a loyal customer base and growing their profit margins.

Salvage Groceries WholesaleOur customers include schools, small privately owned retailers, prisons, flea market vendors, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, and other secondary market members.

Lewisco Holdings has a reputation of fairness, trustworthiness, and speed. Both our clients and buyers appreciate these elements of our service, and we have a process established for this purpose.

Buying Excess Inventory

The long-standing relationships that we have with our clients demonstrate our commitment to them. Lewisco Holdings buys goods from some of the premiere brands in the country, and we turn those products around to offer low-priced, high-quality goods for members of our buyer group.

The goods within our inventory are priced to maximize limited budgets. For our screened buyers, we will even source merchandise on their behalf. If you have a unique request, let us know, and we will scour our resources to find the products for you.

The manufacturer restrictions that are tied to products relate to display, advertising, and location. We require that our buyers follow these guidelines, and our private label, Mabel’s Farms, is available as a repackaging option when discretion proves to be difficult.

Join the ranks of our buyer group. Once you submit to vetting processes, relate to us what categories of goods pique your interest. We will reach out with the opportunity to buy when those goods come into our inventory.

Selling Salvage Goods

The categories within our inventory include a variety of product categories. From food and groceries to alcohol-free beverages, pet items, HBA goods, bulk candy and spices, paper products, and cleaning materials, our inventory has a plethora of products we purchase from our clients.

In order to have a wide-ranging full inventory, we buy from thousands of companies. Wholesalers, importers, exporters, producers, retailers, and distributors come to us for a timely and fair solution to goods that are taking up valuable room, costing overhead, and failing to sell.

The typical situation that will trigger liquidation may be an almost expired or past expiration date, overstocked inventory, closeout or turned down products, discontinued product lines, outdated versions of updated products, private labels, or any other situation that causes products to move slowly. Call the liquidation specialists at Lewisco Holdings to begin the process.

In order to make an offer, we will need photos, the brand/label, an ingredient list, nutrition facts, the package size, all dates, the location, quantity of goods, and preferred price. We’ll quickly send an offer, and we’ll pay immediately if you accept. Pickup will be the same day or the next, and we will begin targeting buyers right away.

Alternatively, we can sell the goods on your behalf while you keep them. Once we find a buyer, we’ll arrange for shipping. We can also provide a turnkey auction service.

The wholesale distribution of salvage groceries by Lewisco Holdings benefits the sellers and the buyers we serve. Count on us to provide convenient service, fair pricing, and trustworthy protection. Reach out today by phone: (917) 651-0101 or online.