Salvage Groceries by The Pallet

If you’re looking for a source of salvage groceries by the pallet, look no further than Lewisco Holdings. We offer liquidation regardless of volume and lead the arena with a nationwide footprint and streamlined set of best practices. Many of the largest brands in the country rely on us for their liquidation needs.

The Process of Liquidation by Lewisco Holdings

Salvage Groceries by The PalletIf you’re interested in understanding the process of liquidation, it’s pretty simple. We buy goods; then, we sell them.

For a more detailed understanding, let’s begin by relating the categories of goods that we specialize in liquidating. We regularly buy and redistribute:

  • Alcohol-free beverages like bottled water, juice, soda, etc.
  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry food items
  • Bulk candy, staples, and spices
  • Paper goods like plates, cutlery, towels, and tissue
  • HBA goods like toiletries, makeup, soaps, etc.
  • Cleaning tools and chemicals
  • Pet food and treats of all types
  • Other household closeout items

When inventory needs to be liquidated, don’t worry about the volume. We can handle quantities small and large, whether you have a pallet or two or several loads. Lewisco Holdings promises speed, equity, and secrecy.

From experience to an array of warehouses spread across the country, a dedicated carrier network, a deep well of purchase power, and a significant list of buyers and sellers, Lewisco Holdings’ processes include everything required to perfect liquidation. Our clients rely on us to deliver an effortless service with fair pricing, and we deliver just that and more, as evidenced by our long list of long standing clients.

The process itself serves to convey merchandise out of the first lines of distribution into the secondary field. In the end, we provide cash, space, and lowered overhead to our clients.

The choice of Lewisco Holdings for liquidation should follow due diligence. Consider all of the benefits gained by selecting us for your liquidation needs.

  • Receive an offer quickly after submitting information, immediate payment upon acceptance, and same- or next-day collection of goods
  • Experience our professional liquidation services anywhere in the nation
  • Enjoy peace of mind regarding your brand due to our strict adherence to manufacturer guidelines
  • Liquidate goods with a clear professional – not a broker or a trader
  • Receive a cash injection and lower overhead costs
  • Relieve yourself of the burden of merchandise possession quickly
  • Protect your customer channels
  • Receive rebranding and repackaging with Mabel’s Farms, our private label
  • Purchase new products to return to profitability
  • Be satisfied by the ultimate customer support system

The end of liquidation is selling. Lewisco Holdings sells products to buyers that have been targeted and play a role in the secondary market. These hundreds of buyers have proven their trustworthiness, and you can join this group – as long as you respect that originating brand.

We regularly sell to privately owned stores, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers markets, schools, prisons, and other alternative customers. Restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, and first-line distributors are unable to purchase from our inventory.

Rather than being bogged down by unwanted merchandise, count on Lewisco Holdings. We buy and sell salvage groceries by the pallet – no muss, no fuss. Whether you’d like to sell or buy those goods, call us today to find out how: (917) 651-0101. You can also reach out online for a fast response and an easy liquidation solution.