Salvage Frozen Food

Lewisco Holdings, a liquidator of salvage frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry food goods, is the ideal solution for primary marketers with goods that won’t move and secondary marketers who’d like to purchase liquidated products. Our capacity to buy, transport, and deliver products all over the country is impressive and based upon years of experience and hard-earned expertise.

Salvage Frozen FoodGrocery and beverage liquidation requires the removal of unwanted goods from warehouses, distribution centers, store shelves, and backrooms and their redistribution into alternative channels. As complicated as this process might seem, we at Lewisco Holdings make it effortless for the clients whom we serve. Sellers can arrange for one time liquidation or a recurring service.

As the foremost liquidator in the country, Lewisco Holdings has a lengthy history, plenty of purchase power, an established network of contacts, and a national footprint of transportation and warehouses. These elements make it possible to evaluate, offer, pay, pick up, and deliver promptly and fairly.

Key Points to Remember about Lewisco Holdings

  • We are liquidators, not brokers or traders;
  • Rely on expectation surpassing service;
  • Liquidation will create space for an injection of new inventory;
  • Recoup losses for reinvestment;
  • Confidentiality is essential to our process;
  • We honor all manufacturer restrictions throughout the process;
  • Volume and location are not impediments to service;
  • Our warehouses are strategically placed for efficient service nationwide;
  • We sell to buyers removed from first-line markets;
  • We offer a quick offer and immediate payment;
  • We provide one place for dealing with all problematic merchandise;
  • We will pick up goods that day or the next;
  • We serve over 3,000 sellers and 400 buyers.

Lewisco Holdings specializes in all sorts of merchandise. From all types of food and groceries to pet food, alcohol-free beverages, and even general merchandise and household goods, our inventory is wide-ranging and substantial. Before throwing away products you can’t sell, call us to arrange liquidation. We’ll protect your brand, so there’s no risk, only reward.

Lewisco Holdings buys from thousands of first-line market members. To provide an offer on goods, we will need the seller to provide us with relevant product information.

When we make a purchase, we will pick up the products the same day that the deal is made, or the next at the latest. We pay fair prices, and we pay quickly. If you have overstocked inventory, almost expired or expired products, leftovers from discontinued product lines, or other slow-moving goods, do not allow the products to taint the rest of your merchandise or your brand’s identity.

After buying goods and placing them into our inventory, Lewisco Holdings will target sales to specific buyers. The entire group is screened and proven to be trustworthy, following all manufacturer restrictions. Our customers and the original customers never overlap.

Become one of our sellers or buyers to take full advantage of the process of liquidation. For sellers, we provide a way to mitigate losses from bad purchase decisions and other issues, and for buyers, we provide the opportunity to buy quality goods at deeply discounted, lower than wholesale, prices.

As a leading liquidator of salvage frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry food, Lewisco Holdings has a reach that stretches across the country. To learn how you can either sell us goods that are in your way or buy from our cheap inventory, call (917) 651-0101 or contact us online.