Salvage Food Supplier

Private grocery retailers and organizations with minimal budgets benefit from the services of a salvage food supplier like Lewisco Holdings. We buy products that no longer fit appropriately within the first lines of distribution, and we then offer those goods to opportunity buyers at significantly reduced rates.

Salvage Food SupplierWith a nationally established footprint and a substantial rolodex of long-standing relationships, Lewisco Holdings serves sellers and buyers of salvage goods with fairness, speed, and discretion. Furthermore, our services are not limited by the volume of goods or their location.

The liquidation process that we follow begins when we purchase outright excess merchandise from primary sources and then sell them into more appropriate, secondary markets. In addition to requiring that the brand be concealed, we also require that our buyers refrain from advertising, display, and selling outside of geographic bounds. When concealment is difficult, we provide repackaging under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms.

The Salvage Goods within Our Inventory

Salvage grocery stores purchase and sell a variety of goods, including groceries and more. Lewisco Holdings’ inventory includes all of the following and more for these store locations to buy and sell:

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry foods and groceries
  • Alcohol-free, shelf-stable beverages
  • Pet food and treats including kibble, canned, biscuit, and jerky
  • General merchandise ranging from HBA items to cleaning products, paper goods, and more

Lewisco Holdings works with a large group of contacts. We purchase unwanted merchandise from 3,000+ first-line distributors, manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers. Each transaction is fair and fast. Once we have the required product information, we send an offer, and if it’s accepted, we send payment right away and pick it up the same day or the next. Salvage groceries require speedy transfer and sale.

The condition of the goods that we buy and sell range from canceled orders to close- or past-dated items, discontinued product lines, overstocks, etc.

Once goods enter our inventory, we sell them in a targeted fashion to screened buyers. Part of the screening requires that buyers submit to following all of the restrictions placed by manufacturers. Our customers do not overlap with the originally intended customers either. We sell to private salvage grocery stores, food pantries, jails and prisons, schools, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other secondary market members.

The buyers within our group of approved customers appreciate the chance to buy quality goods at extremely low prices. Organizations with limited budgets are enabled to do more with less, and independent retailers can extend their profit margins and pass on savings to customers.

Additional Options from Lewisco Holdings

In addition to liquidation, we provide proxy sales service and auction access. We will serve as your sales team, reaching out to our buyers, while you retain possession of the merchandise. Once we secure a sale, we will arrange for shipping. The turnkey auction service that we provide allows primary marketers to potentially reap the maximum amount possible.

We also provide our group of buyers with special assistance locating the specific goods that they need. It generally requires a short period of time to find particular products when requested.

Lewisco Holdings, as a premier liquidator, serves as both a salvage food buyer and supplier. Regardless of volume or location, we serve the entire continental US. Contact us by dialing (917) 651-0101 or reaching out online.