Salvage Food Buyers

Salvage food needn’t go to waste when buyers like Lewisco Holdings operate in the theater with experience and efficiency. We buy goods outright and expedite the resale in a targeted fashion to opportunity buyers; our service works to help sellers and buyers of liquidation goods progress in their endeavors.

Salvage Food BuyersLewisco Holdings liquidation goods come from some of the primary brands in the market, and when we perform redistribution, we target thoroughly vetted and trusted members of secondary markets.

The categories of goods that we regularly liquidate include the breadth of grocery and alcohol-free beverage items. Dry, canned, refrigerated, and frozen foods; bottled water, juices, and other shelf-stable beverages; pet food and treats of all styles; health and beauty products; bulk staples, candies, and spices; cleaning tools and chemicals; paper goods; and other closeout household items are welcome purchases for Lewisco Holdings. With this inventory, we’re able to provide deeply discounted prices for our buyers to do more with small budgets or maximize a limited profit margin or customer base.

Lewisco Holdings buyers operate in the alternative market, examples of which include all of the following:

  • Private grocery stores
  • Prisons and jails
  • Schools
  • Deep-discount salvage grocery stores
  • Community food banks
  • Flea market vendors
  • Farmers markets

The types of businesses that you won’t find in our customer group are primary supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, or other first-line market members. We focus on protecting the original customer base and refuse to target the original customers later on in liquidation distribution. The targeted buyer group we sell to includes 400+ buyers, all of whom are committed to honoring manufacturer guidelines regarding restrictions against advertising, display, geography limitations, and wholesaling.

Discretion throughout liquidation is ESSENTIAL.

Signing up to become a buyer of our products is not difficult. Lewisco Holdings provides target opportunities to buy products when they come into our inventory. All we require is that you agree to confidentiality and vetting and then let our staff know the categories of goods you’d like to purchase.

Becoming one of our clients that we buy from is equally simple. Lewisco Holdings purchases surplus goods from thousands of different companies, many of them the most major brands in the country. We’re able to do so because we have a deep well of purchasing power, a nationwide carrier network, and several warehouses spread from coast to coast.

When expressing interest in selling inventory, send us the following information in order to receive an offer: photos, label/brand, ingredient list, nutrition facts, all dates on the interior and exterior, package size, quantity of goods, location, and preferred price. With this information, we can estimate an offer, often on the same day.

If you accept the offer we pose, we provide payment right away and pick up the same day or the next. Then, we quickly bury those goods within alternative channels through targeted resale.

Alternative services that we offer for sellers include operating as a proxy sales team and connecting to the auction market, and for buyers, we provide targeted searches for specific products.

Salvage food buyers find Lewisco Holdings to be the best source for goods. We have a significant inventory of goods that we remove from inappropriate sectors and send into suitable places to be used or sold. If you’d like to buy goods or gain a turnkey connection to auctions, call us at (917) 651-0101 for more information about our services and products.