Pet Food Supplies Salvage and Liquidation

Are you a pet food supplier whose warehouse shelves are full, but full of merchandise that won’t sell? Lewisco Holdings has a solution. We can purchase pet food supplies and zero them out through salvage and liquidation processes.

Trying to predict outcomes in the pet food and supplies buying market is difficult. Sometimes you’ll hit, and sometimes you’ll miss. When older products linger on storeroom shelves, liquidation allows companies to clean off their shelves, prevent accumulating overhead, and recoup as much of the investment as possible.

The Time Factors

Pet Food Supplies Salvage and LiquidationTime matters when it comes to liquidation. Keeping extra inventory too long means you’re not making sales; you can’t use that money to purchase goods that will sale; and you’re wasting the saleable period of that merchandise. Lewisco Holdings encourages you to cut your losses by allowing us to resolve the issue and purchase those goods.

Product Questions

Goods up for purchase by Lewisco Holdings includes food of all sorts, beverages, pet items, and some general merchandise.

Examples of specific pet items we purchase include kibble/dry food, dehydrated food and treats, organic pet foods, canned foods, freeze-dried products, biscuit-style treats, and more.

The products that we purchase are those that can’t be sold within primary marketplaces any longer. Either damaged, unpopular, or otherwise no longer appropriate for major retailers, the products that we buy need to be sold to secondary market players. Potential conditions of these goods include overstocks, closeouts, discontinued product lines, items with nearing expiration and best by dates, and older versions of products with newer packaging or formulations.

Confidential Selling Solutions

Lewisco Holdings buys products from across the nation. As of now, our sellers number above 6,000 distinct companies. These sellers entrust us with their liquidation needs because of our commitment to confidentiality.

The buying group that we use to bury liquidated goods is large as well. More than 400 accounts are in our screened network of buyers, and we target goods to those buyers likely to be interested in specific goods.

The typical purchases of liquidated goods include jails/prisons, schools, community food banks, farmers’ markets, animal shelters, salvage grocers, dollar stores, and other out-of-the-mainstream entities.

Our sellers choose us because we can provide cash value for goods that were languishing and costing overhead and limiting new supply. During this process, we don’t risk the original brand’s reputation. We follow all manufacturer restrictions, even employing repackaging solutions under the Mabel’s Farms brand, our own private label.

Once we buy goods, we conceal them well within secondary markets, far from original customers or lines of distribution, and we have the logistics to move vast amounts of merchandise quickly.

When considering liquidation, send us product info along with photos and consider the ensuing offer. If you accept, we’ll pay immediately and will collect the goods that day or the next. To make this promise true, we have available funds for payment, a fleet of carriers for transport, and a number of warehouses distributed from coast to coast. If you’re ready for a fast solution to dragging products, we’re it.

Lewisco Holdings offers purchase and sale of pet food supplies and salvage goods for liquidation. Our experienced staff and processes work to clear the primary lines of distribution, and it all starts by calling (917) 210-9395.