Pet Food Liquidators

When pet food manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and other first-line market members find themselves burdened with difficult to move pet food, they call liquidators they can trust, like Lewisco Holdings.

Pet Food LiquidatorsWe have many years of experience, deep purchase power, and a strong network of transportation and storage. We regularly purchase unwanted goods outright and then redistribute them into more suitable channels. All we need is a few items of info about your inventory, and we will provide a fast, fair offer, usually the same day.

Closeout Pet Food Resources

The trusted name of Lewisco Holdings can be counted on to provide secondary marketers with proven experience and best practices that are distinctly superior to our competition. If you have many items or truckloads that you need to dispense with, call us for fair compensation and fast removal of goods from your storage and display areas.

The Lewisco Holdings Inventory

Our specialty liquidation focuses on several categories ranging from groceries to beverages, cleaning goods, paper products, HBA products, and pet items.

Call us to get rid of your dog and cat food and treats. We buy the following for redistribution:

  • Dry food (kibble)
  • Dehydrated food and treats
  • Canned dog and cat food
  • Freeze-dried pet food
  • Organic dog and cat food and treats
  • Overstocked
  • Closeout sale items
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Biscuit-style dog and cat treats
  • Dog and cat food and treats that are almost expired
  • Dog and cat food and treats with older versions of updated products

Lewisco Holdings sells to more than 400 distinct buyers throughout the country. We identify and target sales to the best buyer for the product, selling to private retail stores, salvage grocery stores, animal shelters, and other opportunity buyers.

The Reasons to Choose Lewisco Holdings

With liquidation comes the risk of brand degradation if you choose the wrong source. Lewisco Holdings recognizes the importance of discretion and closely controls the process of redistribution, sending merchandise only into the hands of trustworthy, screened recipients. You’ll not find branded products in tainted environments.

The screened buyer group to whom we sell allows us to protect the brand while moving large amounts of inventory throughout the year.

When companies are ready to begin liquidation, they reach out t.o Lewisco Holdings either online or via phone. We buy products outright, making same day offers in most cases. When we come to terms on payment, we provide that immediately via wire and schedule pickup for that day or the next. We can do all this by using a dedicated fleet of trucks and thirteen warehouses to discreetly and quickly handle redistribution.

Lewisco Holdings’ history includes thousands of happy sellers and buyers to provide the best recoupment and price as well as quick service at both ends.

Remember these key facts about Lewisco Holdings:

  • We offer a simplified process and transactions.
  • We go to great lengths for brand and identity protection.
  • We buy without regard to volume or location.
  • We work quickly and fairly.
  • We are liquidation buyers, not traders or brokers.

Pet food overstocks and closeouts belong in the hands of liquidators, like Lewisco Holdings. We provide a way to prevent losses involved with goods that might otherwise be a complete loss. Reach out today by calling (917) 210-9395 or online. Our service provides the confidentiality you need along with a fast and fair solution.