Overstock & Closeout Food Buyers

Overstock & closeout food buyers like Lewisco Holdings benefit the wholesalers, importers, retailers, and manufacturers within the industry as well as secondary market players who require quality goods at rock bottom prices. We operate at a fast pace to confidentially transfer goods from first lines of distribution into secondary ones.

Overstock & Closeout Food BuyersWhether you have grocery, beverage, pet, or household goods to move or you need to buy these and can agree to liquidation rules, call on us at Lewisco Holdings. We’re tested, proven, fast, and fair.

Advantages from the Lewisco Holdings’ Choice

Know the liquidator to opt for by considering how liquidation works. Lewisco Holdings provides thirteen warehouses for storage and distribution, all over the country, and we have hundreds of buyers and thousands of sellers with whom we work. Our partnerships are long-lived and numerous, and we have the ability to purchase liquidation-worthy goods no matter their number, location, or the time of year.

To qualify for liquidation, items will need to fall within certain categories. From dry, canned, refrigerated, and frozen groceries to alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats of all varieties, and all sorts of household goods, we welcome a wide range of products into our inventory for redistribution.

Why Buy from Lewisco Holdings

Customers who’d like to shop out of our inventory will not find a better place to get brand-name, quality goods for very low prices. This level of deals can’t be found with regular distribution, but they make it possible to maximize a limited budget, a small profit margin, and the savings of loyal customers.

The buyers of Lewisco Holdings number in the hundreds. Lewisco Holdings vets and targets sales to our approved buying group, which includes small private retailers, prisons and county jails, schools, community food banks, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, community food banks, and other non-traditional organizations and retailers. 

Why Sell to Lewisco Holdings

If you’re a first-line distributor, retailer, or manufacturer with closeout food items that will not sell, we can help. 

Merchandise that takes up display space and clogs up purchasing power prevents you from buying goods that will sell better. We’ll facilitate the offloading of these goods without taking a complete loss, using up valuable employee resources, or putting the brand’s identity and reputation in harm’s way.

A wide range of grocery liquidators are available, but Lewisco Holdings stands apart. We operate in a way that is fast and confidential in order to protect the brand through the diligent requirement that manufacturer restrictions are followed. Advertisements, display, geographic bounds, and wholesaling are strictly prohibited, and to buy from us, you must accept these rules.

When concealment is difficult, we step in with repackaging under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms.

Furthermore, we serve customers completely apart from the originally intended ones. Our customers and the primary customers must never overlap.

Once you express interest in liquidation and provide us with the info we’ll need to create an offer, we will pay right away when you accept. Then, we’ll collect the goods that we purchased the same day or the next. 

Overstock & closeout food buyers from Lewisco Holdings provide a way for first line marketers to free themselves of unwanted products. Our buyers also benefit. If you’d like to learn more about liquidation or schedule a service on a one-time or recurring basis, call (917) 651-0101 or contact us online.