Navigating Excess Grocery Inventory Sales

Lewisco Holdings provides an essential tool for companies navigating excess grocery inventory through liquidation sales. We discreetly remove unwanted merchandise and transfer it confidentially into more appropriate markets to provide clients with the maximum return and an effortless solution.

Navigating Excess Grocery Inventory SalesLiquidation solutions from Lewisco Holdings provide a surefire way to deal with surplus merchandise, but companies often want to know how to minimize the need for this service. We have a few suggestions on how to manage grocery inventory effectively.

Monitor Sales Data Closely—Knowing what sells and what sits will better equip you in the purchase battle. While trends can arise unexpectedly, data can supply most stores with general numbers to guide stocking and avoid overstocking as much as possible.

Order Products Needed—Purchase decisions significantly impact overstocking. When you follow the data and base orders on seasonal expectations and customer trends, you’ll be more likely to avoid having massively overstocked inventory to liquidate.

Avoid Overinvesting in a “Deal” – Finding a deal is great, but overinvesting in lower-priced items to make a significant profit can backfire if you’re left with surplus inventory that won’t sell.

Handle Returns and Shelf-Pulls Promptly—The longer you allow returns, shelf-pulls, or other problematic merchandise to linger, the less recoupment you’ll be able to secure. If you monitor the causes of return, you’ll understand how to lower the risk of overabundant inventory.

Understanding Grocery Liquidation

The benefits of liquidating merchandise include fast offloading of unwanted goods to clear storage and display space, opening up purchase power, and confidentially transferring products to the alternative market.

Liquidation is generally unavoidable, but it can be minimized through careful inventory management, informed purchase decisions, and prompt handling of problematic goods. The notion that liquidation is only for companies when they go belly up is problematic. Liquidation is a useful tool for keeping a brand healthy and profits flowing no matter the company’s condition.

If you have surplus goods, consider holdings sales, donating for a tax deduction, returning to suppliers, or calling Lewisco Holdings for one of our beneficial services.

We provide three options:

  • Outright purchase and redistribution of goods from your company’s shelves and into non-traditional markets
  • In a proxy sales service, wherein you retain possession of the merchandise, we locate a buyer and arrange for the goods to be delivered.
  • Digital, turnkey auction service for your merchandise.

The stagnant inventory you hold will eat away at your profitability. Rely on the team here at Lewisco Holdings to help you overcome this problem.

We operate in the upper echelon of liquidation providers, partnering with over 3,000 first-line marketers and over 400 trusted and proven buyers from secondary customer channels. All manufacturer restrictions, repackaging services, and careful sales processes protect our client’s brands.

By carefully selecting our customers, we protect the original customer channels. We do not sell to supermarkets, restaurants, or convenience stores. Instead, we screen non-traditional customers like private retailers, dollar stores, community food pantries, correctional institutions, schools, exporters, flea market vendors, farmers markets, etc.

For assistance navigating excess grocery inventory sales, click here or call (917) 210-9395 to enlist the professionals at Lewisco Holdings.