National Wholesale Grocery Liquidators

Lewisco Holdings offers the service of national wholesale grocery liquidators to the primary and secondary markets throughout the United States. We facilitate liquidation seamlessly, fairly, and confidentially, benefiting our clients and customers.

National Wholesale Grocery LiquidatorsOur regular clients from whom we purchase inventory include manufacturers of all sizes, importers, and exporters. In fact, over half of the top 100 manufacturers in the US liquidate through Lewisco Holdings.

We provide two liquidation options: We will purchase goods outright for redistribution or find buyers while you retain possession. Once we find a buyer, we will arrange shipment. This second option requires more effort and patience on the part of the seller, but it also usually provides a better return. The first option is faster and more convenient. Both offer brand protection and confidentiality.

We view brand protection as the primary concern throughout liquidation. The merchandise we buy is never sent back into the primary market, nor do we begin redistribution without understanding how you want your products handled. You drive the show when it comes to liquidation. We can restrict everything from where the goods can be sold to the type of buyer and more. When complete brand discretion is difficult, we repackage products under our label, Mabel’s Farms.

Businesses manage inventory as an everyday part of operations, and liquidation becomes a key part of that process. Liquidation at the right moment can make the difference between mitigating losses and losing the entire investment plus the overhead spent.

Practiced inventory management relies on data and patterns to balance inventory and maintain the peak profitable quantity of products. When you have products that will not budge, are nearing the end of the saleable period, or have slight damage, choose liquidation sooner rather than later.

Buyers and sellers of liquidation-worthy goods find Lewisco Holdings a professional, fair, efficient, and discreet provider of liquidation purchases and sales. Our relationships and experience allow us to operate quickly, provide fair rates, strengthen our reputation, and protect our clients’ brands.

What We Buy and Sell

The goods that we liquidate run the gamut of grocery and household items:

  • Dry, canned, refrigerated, and frozen grocery items
  • Alcohol-free, shelf-stable beverages
  • Wet and dry pet food and treats
  • Toiletries and cosmetics
  • Bulk candy, spices, and staples
  • Cleaning merchandise
  • Paper products
  • Other household closeouts

We restrict sales to members of the secondary market, which is far removed from the original customer channels. Our 400+ buyers include mom-and-pop retailers, correctional institutions, schools, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, local food banks, and other secondary marketers with a physical operations space. We do not sell to restaurants, supermarkets, or convenience stores, and we allow ZERO advertisements, heavy displays, violations of geographic restrictions, internet sales, or wholesale sales.

Lewisco Holdings has a nationwide footprint, buying and selling merchandise throughout the Lower 48 United States.

We benefit the holders of unwanted merchandise and opportunity buyers of such goods. With our service, needless waste doesn’t have to happen. Our inventory discounts are steep, and we deal in quality goods. You can count on our honesty in product descriptions and our speed in all transactions.

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