National Surplus Grocery Inventory Buyers

The surplus grocery inventory at Lewisco Holdings provides national buyers with opportunities to purchase quality goods at deeply discounted costs. When we buy these goods from first-line distributors, we offer them a reasonable and discreet way to overcome slow sales. Whether you want to benefit as a buyer or seller of liquidation goods, call in the experts at Lewisco Holdings.

National Surplus Grocery Inventory BuyersLewisco Holdings provides our clients the best opportunity to recoup their investment when we buy and redistribute products. If you’re interested in liquidation, reach out via phone or online. We will require photographs of the goods and a few pieces of relevant product information to make an offer, which we usually do the very day we receive the product information.

In the liquidation arena, Lewisco Holdings is a premier player. Our efforts allow companies to liquidate goods and return to profitability without delay. No matter how much product you have, where you’re located, or the time of year, we can handle many goods. Our purchase power is significant, and we have thirteen nationally distributed warehouses, a dedicated carrier network, and a staff filled with liquidation experts.

Lewisco Holdings partners with more than 400 distinct entities that want to buy brand-name liquidation products and commits to following the rules of discretion when dealing with such merchandise.

Clear Out Space and Cash for Reinvestment

Whether problematic merchandise occurs because of poor buying choices, truck accidents, new packaging or formulas, or other situations entirely, don’t hold on to these problems needlessly.

The longer you keep merchandise, the more you’ll spend on overhead and the less you’ll have to invest in additional products. Call on Lewisco Holdings to deal with the products appropriately, fairly, and confidentially.

We offer a fair price for your liquidation-worthy goods. Instead of taking a loss, we will return a portion of your investment plus overhead expenses.

Any business aims to reap the most profit and limit losses. Lewisco Holdings can help with both goals when businesses call on us for liquidation. Limit your inventory to what you can sell to reduce overhead costs as much as possible.

Lewisco Holdings buys a wide range of goods, including frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry foods; alcohol-free beverages; wet/dry cat and dog food and treats; and general merchandise like HBA items, paper products, and cleaning chemicals and implements.

When we buy these goods, we immediately start looking for a buyer. Liquidated goods are on a clock, after all. We have many buyers – mom-and-pop stores, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, schools, jails/prisons, after-school programs, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other off-the-beaten-track entities.

We promise brand protection when we purchase and liquidate goods. We vet buyers closely and require that they follow the rules against display, advertising, wholesale, and geographic boundaries. Mabel’s Farms, our private label, conceals the brand when it’s prominently displayed.

Lewisco Holdings also provides service as a sales team. You keep the products, we find a buyer, and we arrange for drop shipment when we find the right buyer. Further, we can also connect you to the digital auction market to maximize the return.

When surplus grocery inventory becomes problematic, Lewisco Holdings offers solutions for national clients and buyers. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to speak with our team about liquidation sales or purchases.