National Surplus Food Liquidators

We are introducing Lewisco Holdings, the leaders of national surplus food liquidators in the country. We buy a broad range of merchandise for redistribution confidentially, quickly, and cost-effectively.

National Surplus Food LiquidatorsAs a leader among liquidators, we have well-honed processes and practices to accomplish liquidation well every time. No matter the volume or category of products, we can provide a customized liquidation process whether you need a one-time or recurring service.

Lewisco Holdings has a long history of providing successful liquidation. We buy and redistribute overstocks, overruns, closeouts, expired or nearly expired products, leftover goods from lines with newer versions, shelf-pulls, turned-down loads, canceled orders, and other difficult-to-sell products. We can bury merchandise that producers, distributors, and retailers are unable to sell so that they can return to profitability.

We operate with integrity, professionalism, and courtesy with our long-term customers and clients. The speed with which we provide service is inherent to the satisfaction of our buyers and sellers. We operate using a dedicated carrier fleet, thirteen warehouses across the continental United States, and a deep well of purchase power. Potential clients or customers shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for more information.

More about Lewisco Holdings

Lewisco Holdings provides a range of advantages for those who need to sell liquidation-worthy merchandise, including all of the following:

  • Confidential redistribution to protect the brand’s identity and reputation by utilizing highly restrictive customer channels
  • Adherence to manufacturer-imposed guidelines – geographic boundaries, display, wholesale, and advertising
  • Repackaging services under the private label Mabel’s Farms, when needed to conceal the brand
  • Fast offers, payment, pickup, and delivery
  • Effortless provision of liquidation and sale
  • Outright purchase of all merchandise for liquidation sale.

We also provide a host of benefits for those who wish to purchase from our liquidation inventory:

  • Clear and precise product descriptions
  • Affordable pricing
  • Every necessary certification for sale
  • Targeted sales and fast delivery
  • Search for particular items of interest upon request.

What We Buy and Sell

When retailers and manufacturers determine that products have passed their prime, liquidation becomes appropriate. Keeping these goods will make it impossible to reinvest in goods that will sell better and bring in a profit. Lewisco Holdings will liquidate merchandise so that you avoid taking a complete loss or becoming stuck with goods that have no remaining value.

Lewisco Holdings deals in a wide range of goods, including all types of food, alcohol-free beverages, and general household goods. If you’re unsure about a product category, contact the professional liquidators on staff.

Liquidation-worthy conditions can range from being overstocked inventory to product overruns, closeouts, marked-down items, discontinued product lines, canceled orders, turned-down loads, short-coded goods, products past or near best-by or expiration dates, and any other goods that are slow to move.

In addition to liquidation, we can:

  • Serve as a sales force, finding an ideal buyer and arranging for drop shipment while you retain the merchandise
  • Provide a connection to the digital auction market for maximized return
  • Search our connections for particular products as needed.

Lewisco Holdings is a company specializing in liquidation. We do not broker or trade. As national surplus food liquidators, our team buys and redirects merchandise into more appropriate channels. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to book liquidation or sign up to become a liquidation buyer.