National Surplus Food Inventory Buyers

Lewisco Holdings is a national supplier of inventory for surplus food buyers. We liquidate near-dated, outdated, or other slow-to-sell food or grocery items, buying them outright and transferring them into nontraditional markets without limitations due to location, volume, or season.

How We Operate

National Surplus Food Inventory BuyersLewisco Holdings has a significant capacity for liquidation because we have a large network of buyers and sellers, a dedicated carrier fleet, and thirteen redistribution warehouses spread from coast to coast.

We move quickly and confidentially throughout liquidation. Our inventory sources know that we will behave professionally and protect the brand and customer channels. We sell to hundreds of trusted, vetted customers and employ these buyers to conceal products fully within nontraditional avenues.

Lewisco Holdings buyers include:

  • Independently owned small stores
  • Private dollar stores
  • Deep-discount salvage grocery stores
  • Schools and after-school programs
  • Correctional institutions
  • Community food banks
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Flea market vendors
  • Exporters
  • More.

The customers we serve pass vetting processes and follow all guidelines that govern the place of sale/use, advertising, display, and wholesale. When we buy goods, clients can count on protection for their reputation and brand identity.

Products within the Lewisco Holdings Inventory

  • Food
    • Shelf-stable dry goods (rice, cookies, cereal, oatmeal)
    • Canned foods (tuna, vegetables, fruit, Vienna sausage)
    • Frozen foods (ice cream, meat, appetizers, etc.)
    • Refrigerated items (lunchmeat, milk, dairy, yogurt)
  • Alcohol-free Beverages
    • Energy drinks
    • Protein shakes
    • Sodas
    • 100% juices
    • Ready-to-drink teas and coffees
    • Bottled water
    • Sports drinks
    • Children’s drinks
  • Pet Items
    • Kibble for dogs or cats
    • Canned cat and dog food
    • Dehydrated food and treats
    • Organic food and treats
    • Freeze-dried food and treats
    • Biscuit-style food and treats
    • More
  • General Merchandise
    • HBA items (toiletries and cosmetics)
    • Paper products (napkins, paper plates, etc.)
    • Cleaning items and chemicals
    • More

To sell products to Lewisco Holdings, provide us with the product information needed to place a value on merchandise and make an offer. The info required will include the following:

  • Photographs
  • Brand/label
  • List of ingredients
  • Nutrition profile
  • Dates – interior and exterior of the package
  • Package size
  • Quantity of products per unit, case, pallet, and load
  • Location of pickup
  • Preferred price.

When our offers are accepted, we wire payment immediately and arrive to collect our purchase the same day or the next. As soon as we make a purchase, we begin searching our buyer network for the most appropriate customer.

Lewisco Holdings Buyer Group

Lewisco Holdings is an excellent option for buyers of surplus food inventory. We allow opportunity customers to purchase high-quality brand-name goods to stretch their profit margins, pass savings on to customers, or do more good on a finite budget. We have a well-honed group of 400+ customers who we trust to handle the goods we sell discreetly.

After submitting to our vetting process, you can let us know the type of goods that interest you. We’ll contact you whenever appropriate items come into our inventory. We can also find specific products when you need them.

Primary market members who need to liquidate goods and secondary market players take advantage of our services at Lewisco Holdings. National surplus food inventory buyers come to us and find quality products at the lowest possible prices. Interested? Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to learn more about our liquidation processes.