National Food Liquidation Wholesalers

Each link in the food distribution chain is critical, including liquidators. Lewisco Holdings offers premier national food liquidation wholesalers for service. Inventory that becomes imbalanced makes profitability suffer. We take care of this problem by transferring excess, slow-moving merchandise into alternative markets, but we do so in a way that protects the brand.

National Food Liquidation WholesalersWe buy and resell canceled orders, overstocks, and nearly expired groceries and other household goods, offering the best return possible and mitigating the overhead accrued. Reach out to us whenever you need to trigger liquidation; provide us with photos and information in order to receive a fair offer for the goods that you need to liquidate.

The liquidation arena is led by Lewisco Holdings. Our efforts make liquidation easy and fast. No matter the volume of goods or time of the year, we can buy your products for a fair price. Our cash is ready, as are our trucks and redistribution warehouses. We sell to hundreds of separate accounts, all of whom are vetted and trusted to deal with liquidation goods appropriately.

Clear Out Your Storage and Free Up Cash

Whatever the reason for dismal sales, recovering from slow sales won’t happen without intervention. Liquidation allows businesses to offload the products that aren’t selling and conceal them within more appropriate avenues. Our process allows companies to avoid needless waste, recover as much of the investment as possible, clear shelves and storage spaces, and move on to more profitable product investments.

Mitigating losses through liquidation goes beyond the initial investment to prevent continued losses on overhead as well. Storing inventory that doesn’t sell doesn’t make sense. The choice to liquidate when inventory becomes imbalanced is a smart one.

The goods that we buy and sell are varied. Any of the following product categories are welcomed within our inventory:

  • Grocery items – frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry goods
  • Alcohol-free beverages – water, sodas, sports drinks, juices
  • Pet items – dog and cat food and treats (kibble, jerky, biscuit)
  • HBA merchandise – cosmetics, toiletries, hygiene products
  • Paper products – bathroom tissue, stationary, paper towels
  • Cleaning products – dusters, mops/brooms, cleaning chemicals

The typical Lewisco Holdings buyer is far removed from the primary lines of distribution. We sell to non-traditional buyers because they’re completely separate from the original customer channels. Small retailers, salvage grocery stores, schools, jails/prisons, charities, community organizations, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other alternative channels who commit to discretion can avail themselves of the opportunity to buy from our inventory. For some, these purchases mean expanded profit margins and a new customer base, and for others, budgets can be stretched even further.

The brand protection that we offer is essential to liquidation. Manufacturer restrictions follow the products. Buyers can’t sell outside of prescribed boundaries, wholesale goods, advertise, or display. Beyond these guidelines, repackaging under the Mabel’s Farms brands protects the brand when it’s otherwise difficult to achieve confidentiality during liquidation.

Prefer An Alternative To Liquidation?

Lewisco Holdings offers other options:

  1. Proxy sales force to identify the perfect buyer and arrange for drop shipment while you retain ownership;
  2. Connection to a turnkey digital auction service;
  3. Search for the perfect products when our buyers have specific needs.

Should you need the services provided by the best national food liquidation wholesalers available, click here or call (917) 651-0101 to speak with the team at Lewisco Holdings.