Liquidation Pallets

When budgets are small or providing deep discounts to customers is the goal, liquidation pallets from Lewisco Holdings are key to success. We have the processes and logistics required to satisfy the sellers and purchasers of these goods. Primary distributors can divest of these goods while those in the secondary marketplace can benefit from great prices for quality products. Our efforts are fast and fair, with a reputation that demonstrates both these characteristics.

Liquidation PalletsWhen we purchase loads of surplus goods, we redistribute them throughout the country to the small mom and pop grocery stores, schools, jails, food banks, and salvage stores that make up the secondary market. All of our buyers are vetted and committed to manufacturer restrictions on elements like advertising and geographic placement.

Lewisco Holdings offers the following advantages:

  • Regain a portion of your investment
  • Open up buying power
  • Protection of brand reputation
  • Open up storage and retail space
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Private label repackaging under the label, Mabel’s Farms
  • Protection of customer channels
  • Fast pickup and delivery
  • Fair and fast payment
  • We’re not brokers or traders

Lewisco Holdings has the financial power, shipping and warehouse mechanisms, and large rolodex needed to liquidate any number or type of goods. Our nationwide reach welcomes calls from all over when liquidation becomes necessary or the benefits of salvage purchases become clear. We can offer fast and fair service for all buyers and sellers.

When you’re ready to recover as much of your investment as you can and have the extra space to store the goods until they’re sold, consider keeping possession but having us sell the goods and arrange for shipping. This method allows you to keep a bit more of the financial recovery involved. We’ll serve as your salesperson and shipping clerk, maximizing your return.

Buying from us is a great decision for businesses and organizations who need to benefit from our low prices. Lewisco Holdings offers quality goods at deeply slashed prices. Community organizations can do more with less, and businesses can fully maximize profit margins while passing discounts on to customers. Our auction contacts can also come in handy for entities looking for deeply discounted prices on liquidation merchandise.

Lewisco Holdings provides top-of-the line quality that can’t be matched by other liquidating options. When entities need specific products, we can search for them at liquidation rates. Let us know the items that interest you as a buyer, and we’ll be your eyes and ears within this arena.

If you’d like to become a buyer of the goods we sell here at Lewisco Holdings, be aware that you must protect the brands by limiting display, avoiding advertising, and following geographical restrictions. Our clients trust us with their brand reputation, so controls and restrictions will manage the distribution of goods.

Lewisco Holdings is the master of product liquidation. From a few cases to pallets of items, we will buy and sell the goods deemed no longer appropriate for primary distribution markets. Give us a call at (917) 651-0101 to work out a plan for your liquidation needs. Whether you need to clear out your storage and shelving spaces or you need to stock them with quality, discounted products, allow us to demonstrate our processes and how we’ve earned our reputation and large network of clients and customers.