Liquidation of Food Inventory

Lewisco Holdings provides liquidation of food inventory for primary marketers with goods that take up space but don’t make profit. Our service will help make room for new merchandise without putting the company’s brand at risk.

Liquidation of Food InventoryAs one of the foremost liquidators in the country, Lewisco Holdings takes care of excess grocery, beverage, and general merchandise inventory. We provide services that stretch from the East to West Coast, and we have the purchase power and logistic network to buy goods and resell them into alternative markets. Our liquidation professionals will confidentially send products into a more appropriate destination.

Thousands of producers, wholesalers, retailers, and other primary market members sell excess inventory to Lewisco Holdings. In fact, some of the largest brands in the country come to us for liquidation and have for many years.

The following conditions generally trigger liquidation:

  • Close-dated or short-coded goods
  • Near best by or use by dates
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Outdated versions of products with updated formulas or packaging
  • Poor purchase decision
  • Closeouts or marked down goods
  • Overstocked inventory
  • Mis-labeled goods
  • Canceled orders or turned down loads
  • Seasonal, promotional, or holiday goods
  • Slow-moving merchandise

We provide liquidation with confidentiality baked into the process. All of our buyers submit to screenings and follow the restrictions placed by manufacturers. In fact, none of the buyers is allowed to display, advertise, wholesale, or violate geographical bounds. When branding is prominent, we repackage goods with our own private label, Mabel’s Farms. Our clients can trust that we will never risk the brands they’ve worked so hard to build.

We do not permit the customers of our clients or our customers to overlap, nor do we allow the brand to be displayed in imperfect surroundings.

Our buyer group is screened and proven. More than 400 separate accounts purchase products from our inventory. We serve the entire continental US, transferring goods into the secondary market. We sell to small independent retailers, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, farmers’ markets, food banks, correctional facilities, schools, flea market vendors, and other alternative channels. By selling to a large group of varied buyers, we can move various categories and volumes.

The liquidation specialists here at Lewisco Holdings appreciate the importance of the brand. The originating company’s reputation and customer base depend on it. We operate with discretion in order to provide absolute protection for our inventory sources.

The liquidation of goods can be completed quite speedily. Deliver us the photographs of the goods, the label/brand, the ingredient list, nutrition information, dates from the inside and outside of the package, the package size, the quantity of goods, the location, and the preferred price. Taking this information, we will calculate an offer that you can consider. If you accept, we will pay right away and pick up the purchase that day or the next.

Additional services that we offer include operating as a proxy salesforce, providing a turnkey auction service, or sourcing goods for members of our buyer group.

Instead of losing all of your investment and overhead spent on food inventory, count on liquidation of those goods by Lewisco Holdings. Our recoupment process will get cash and sales moving. Learn more today by calling (917) 651-0101 or contacting us online. The sellers and buyers of liquidation goods benefit from the quality of the services that we provide.