Liquidation Grocery Stores Near Me

Lewisco Holdings provides liquidation to grocery stores near you with a nationwide footprint. Allow us to purchase the surplus goods clogging your shelves and resell them into non-traditional customer channels for the ultimate sustainability, recoupment, and confidentiality.

Liquidation Grocery Stores Near MeWe set ourselves apart in the liquidation industry by providing stellar results for every seller and buyer of liquidation-worthy goods. Our liquidation benefits both the first and second lines of grocery distribution.

Lewisco Holdings focuses on food, beverage, pet, cleaning, paper, HBA, and other household merchandise. We remove these goods from primary markets and send them into alternative channels once the products become unsuited for the immaculate conditions of retail markets.

Liquidation Ideas

The easiest, safest liquidation measure is to call Lewisco Holdings, but we’re not your only option for dealing with problematic merchandise. Let’s review a few ideas to get the ball rolling on eliminating unwanted products.

Markdowns, Clearance, and Sales

A great sale provides many benefits: customers are in the door, and products are moved. When you get more visitors to your establishment, you will likely see a bump in other merchandise as well. Use social media to advertise the sale to get as many eyes on your liquidation measure as possible. Be careful with this approach, though. Holding liquidation sales too often can devalue the surrounding merchandise.

Hand Out Samples or Free Gifts with Purchase

Slow-selling merchandise allows retailers to incentivize purchases with a free gift. When overstocked items seem to multiply overnight, post on social media to let customers know what they could receive for buying a specific amount of product. You’ll be surprised by the power of the word “free.”

Online Auction Platforms

Selling goods online can be another option for dealing with overstocked items. However, you’ll need to invest time in taking photos, posting the merchandise, and monitoring sales. Lewisco Holdings offers a turnkey virtual auction service if you’d rather take the effort out of the equation and benefit from a more targeted customer audience.

Donations for Tax Benefits

When companies donate goods they can’t move, they benefit from a tax deduction. Speak with your tax professional to ensure that you understand the potential consequences and secure the appropriate paperwork to document your gift.

Pursue B2B Sales

Selling large volumes of merchandise to other businesses can help clear up cash flow and storage spaces without endangering the brand. This choice can also help you liquidate the goods faster; however, you’ll need contacts and a trusting relationship that can take time to develop.

Request Return to Manufacturer

Some distributors and manufacturers allow returns of unsold products. Your contract with the supplier will tell you if returns are possible and whether restocking fees apply.

Dispose of Merchandise

When no other option is available, disposal will be the solution. When this measure must be pursued, do so cautiously. Take care to protect the brand and the environment whenever possible.

Call Lewisco Holdings

Liquidation companies like Lewisco Holdings specialize in handling problematic goods. We do so in a fast, effortless, and worry-free way. Not only will we provide maximum return, but we will also proceed with all discretion.

Grocery stores near you or me that need liquidation services will find Lewisco Holdings available and fast. We have a dedicated carrier network and thirteen distribution warehouses. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to breathe easier.