Liquidating Unwanted Grocery Inventory

When liquidating unwanted grocery inventory, Lewisco Holdings ought to be the provider. We buy and resell merchandise throughout the US, giving new life to troubled products and saving members of the primary market from taking a total loss on their investments.

An Earned Reputation for Quality Liquidation Services

Liquidating Unwanted Grocery InventoryOver many years of experience, Lewisco Holdings has proven its superior quality as a liquidator. Our network is filled with thousands of sellers and hundreds of trusted buyers, and we employ a dedicated group of carriers, numerous warehouses around the country, a deep well of purchase power, and a proven method of operations.

A Large Collection of Liquidation Merchandise

The catalog of merchandise bought and sold by Lewisco Holdings includes alcohol-free beverages, groceries, HBA items, paper products, cleaning products, and other household merchandise.

Our inventory comes by purchasing from 3,000+ sellers, and we redistribute the products to 400+ buyers. We discreetly convey merchandise from first lines of distribution to secondary markets. Through our efforts, we minimize waste and collect the maximum recovery for clients while providing significant savings opportunities for buyers.

Rather than allowing goods that should be liquidated to languish and lose value while accumulating overhead expenses day by day, call on Lewisco Holdings.

We liquidate goods in a plethora of situations including any of the following:

  • Older versions of products with updated packaging or recipes
  • Overstocked inventory
  • Closeouts or marked down items
  • Products nearing or past the best by or expiration dates
  • Seasonal, holiday, or promotional goods
  • Private labels
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Turned down loads or canceled orders
  • All other items with disappointing sales figures

In the end, putting off liquidation will cause further damage. If the entire inventory becomes unusable, you’ve lost the entire amount of initial purchase plus overhead.

Liquidation is a straightforward process. When you need to liquidate goods, send us photos, the brand/label, ingredients, nutrition facts, all dates (inside and out), package size, quantity of goods, location, and desired price. We’ll provide an offer based on this information as quickly as possible, usually that same day.

If you approve of the offer, you won’t wait for payment. We send it immediately and arrange to collect the merchandise that day or the next. Once we have the products within our possession, we quickly begin the process of targeted sales.

Understanding the Secondary, Alternative Line of Customers

Neither a broker nor a trader, Lewisco Holdings is an expert liquidator. Our customer group doesn’t include distributors, restaurants, supermarkets, or convenience stores. Our efforts must protect brand identity, customer channels, and the reputation of the client, and we do so by vetting and enforcing manufacturer guidelines restricting display, advertising, wholesaling, and geographic limitations.

This buying group exists outside of primary channels. We sell to privately owned dollar stores, mom-and-pop shops, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, community food pantries, prisons and jails, schools, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other alternative customers.

Additional Services from Lewisco Holdings

If you want to get rid of liquidation worthy goods but would prefer an alternative process, consider allowing Lewisco Holdings to act as a sales service. We can also provide a turnkey auction service for your products.

Liquidating unwanted grocery inventory through Lewisco Holdings occurs when we buy and sell those goods. Reach out online or by calling (917) 651-0101 to learn more about our process, to request liquidation, or to become a buyer.