Liquidating Unwanted Food Inventory

Lewisco Holdings specializes in liquidating unwanted food inventory. Buyers and sellers of unwanted goods will find that we operate quickly, fairly, and discreetly to promote profitability and minimize food waste in a world of hunger.

Liquidating Unwanted Food InventoryA foremost liquidator of a wide array of household products, Lewisco Holdings operates without limitations by quantity of goods, time of year, or location. We have a footprint across the US, a deep well of purchase power, a dedicated carrier network, and a large rolodex of liquidation buyers and sellers. In terms of liquidation, we have the entire toolbox; just ask one of our many satisfied, long term clients or customers.

Overcoming the Stigma of Liquidation

When potential buyers of liquidation goods automatically assume that they’re bad, they miss an opportunity for significant savings. Lewisco Holdings buys and sells products in a wide range of conditions, and we’re upfront about that condition when we sell merchandise. Consider the list of potential triggers for liquidation:

  • Mis-labeled products
  • Closeout or marked down inventory
  • Near or past best by or expiration dates
  • Older versions of products with recent upgrades to packaging or formulations
  • Leftover inventory of a discontinued product line
  • Canceled orders or turned down loads
  • Overstocked inventory
  • Out of season, holiday, or promotional goods
  • Otherwise slow-selling merchandise

As professional liquidators, Lewisco Holdings removes merchandise from first lines of distribution into secondary lines. The buyers who receive our goods are few, vetted, and trusted. They follow manufacturer guidelines regarding advertising, display, geography, and wholesaling, and when confidentiality is difficult, we offer repackaging under our own private label Mabel’s Farms. The original customer channels are never at risk with our liquidation processes; we bury goods in places that are found far from the first customer markets.

Understanding the Liquidation Process of Lewisco Holdings

Liquidation measures begin with primary market members like retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. When faced with challenging merchandise, they call on us to handle it. We actually provide both one-time services as well as regularly schedule collections. The companies we service include many of the foremost brands in the world, so we’re able to buy and redistribute name brand, quality goods for deeply discounted rates.

Circumstances may make products imperfect and no longer suitable for first line distribution, but that doesn’t mean they’re not viable for use and discreet sales. Allow Lewisco Holdings to resurrect lost products through a liquidation process.

These companies come to us because Lewisco Holdings is known to be professional, equitable, secretive, and efficient. Once liquidation requests come in, we respond with speedy offers, payment, and collection.

When liquidation isn’t the perfect answer to a company’s needs, we can provide a turnkey auction service or act as a sales team for the company while the goods remain in place.

On the buying end, we will search for specific products within our vast network of suppliers to source the merchandise.

If you’re ready for liquidation, we need this information to ready an offer:

  • Photos of the goods
  • Name brand and label
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutrition facts
  • Product size
  • Every date on the package (inside and outside)
  • Pickup location
  • Product quantity per units, case, pallet, load
  • Desired price

Liquidating unwanted food inventory is a straightforward operation. Lewisco Holdings buys and sells products, beginning with a call to (917) 651-0101 or by reaching out online.