Liquidating Surplus Frozen Food Inventory

The most straightforward path to liquidating surplus frozen food and other grocery inventory isn’t through minor liquidation players; it’s by calling Lewisco Holdings for a fast, fair, confidential, and convenient liquidation solution. We have all of the pieces in place to provide an effortless and effective experience.

Liquidating Surplus Frozen Food InventoryHaving too much of one product on your shelves and in your warehouse leads to an imbalance in inventory, and canceled orders and turned down loads can put distributors in a tough position. The way to turn these situations around is liquidation, but just as with any other type of company, not all liquidators are equal. Choose a liquidator you can trust with your brand, your time, your money, and your efforts.

You will not find a liquidator with greater efficiency or returns than Lewisco Holdings. As a top-of-the-line liquidation provider, we have warehouses distributed throughout the nation, a dedicated carrier network, established best practices, deep pockets for purchasing, and a broad network with thousands of inventory sources and hundreds of screened, targeted buyers.

Lewisco Holdings works with many of the major brands within the US without regard to volume and location. When you have problematic goods, give us a call.

To liquidate surplus goods, we will only need relevant information to be able to send an offer that day in most cases. When you receive the offer, consider it carefully. If you agree, payment will arrive immediately, and we’ll arrange for purchase collection the same day or the next. Our process of targeting sales to buyers will begin immediately.

The decision to employ Lewisco Holdings liquidation usually follows a period of slow or non-existent sales, a mistake in production, a recent upgrade of formulas or packaging, or even slight damage that occurred during transport. We buy goods in a variety of conditions, sending products into alternative channels where they can still be put to good use.

Brand Name Products at Low, Low Prices

When buyers come to Lewisco Holdings, they’ll find an inventory full of a wide range of products like:

  • Shelf-stable dry goods
  • Frozen foods
  • Refrigerated grocery items
  • Canned foods
  • Alcohol-free beverages like water, soda, and juices
  • Pet food and treats (wet and dry)
  • Bulk candy, staples, spices, etc.
  • HBA products like deodorant, soap, etc.
  • Cleaning implements and chemicals
  • Paper products
  • Other household products

Being able to receive these products at low, low prices is an excellent option for our buyers. They’re able to do more good with less, extend a small profit margin, or grow a loyal customer base with regular special deals. We welcome buyers from alternative markets. Reach out if you’re interested, and we’ll get in touch when our inventory includes the type of merchandise you can use.

The typical Lewisco Holdings buyer we sell to includes private grocery and dollar stores, schools, correctional facilities, food banks, flea market vendors, etc. These buyers must agree to avoid selling outside of geographic boundaries, advertising, display of the brand, and wholesaling. If you can’t agree to these terms, you can’t buy from us.