Liquidating Old and Surplus Inventory

Virtually every member of the primary market is interested in liquidating old and/or surplus inventory at some point in time. Lewisco Holdings has a proven ability to inject new life into products, return the maximum amount possible, and respect the discretion of the brand.

Goods that are nearing expiration or otherwise unwanted don’t have to be tossed out. By calling us, these goods can be buried in the secondary market, finding new life and helping recover the investment you’ve made in the products.

Understand the Lewisco Holdings Process

Liquidating Old and Surplus InventoryOur mission is to ensure that merchandise isn’t needlessly wasted. We can help open up your purchase lines and clear space on your shelves, making way for fresh, profit-making inventory.

We also offer deeply discounted rates to private grocery stores, charitable organizations, and other members of the secondary market.

As a buyer or a seller of excess goods, you should select a liquidation provider with numerous contacts and widespread logistic capacity. We offer a long history of success, proven best practices, a large network, many warehouses, and transportation lines that stretch across the US.

We deal in far more than food items. Groceries, non-alcoholic beverages, pet food and treats, paper goods, cleaning materials, and even HBA aids make up our product categories.

The Brand Protection We Offer

Sending your goods into the secondary market needs to be done with discretion. Entrusting a company with protection of your brand is easier with Lewisco Holdings because we vet our buyers thoroughly and demand that they follow our guidelines.

Our buyers follow manufacturer guidelines on advertising and geography, and they never sell to the customers of primary market members. Restaurants, convenience stores, and primary supermarkets are never part of our buying group.

The 400 strong group of our buyers does include deep discount salvage stores, community food banks, small grocery retailers, prisons and jails, schools, charitable organizations, farmers markets, and more.

In order to fully provide brand protection, Lewisco Holdings even offers repackaging services through our own private label, Mabel’s Farms. With this service, our buyers can be comfortable knowing that they fulfill all restrictions on display of labels and brands.

Goods That We Buy

Within our network of buyers and sellers, Lewisco Holdings provides convenient liquidation service. The products we purchase and redistribute include items in the following conditions:

  • Older versions of modified recipes or packaging
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Overstocked goods
  • Close-dated or short-coded inventory
  • Closeouts
  • Out of season inventory

Lewisco Holdings uses a streamlined process of distribution that services the entire contiguous United States. We offer the financial resources to purchase any amount or type of products regardless of location or season. If you say yes to our offer, we will pay immediately and arrange for pickup that day or the next.

If sellers want to keep possession of goods, they can still allow Lewisco Holdings to help them get rid of unwanted merchandise. We will sell the products for you, arrange for shipping, and you’ll maintain ownership during the process.

When you’re ready for liquidating old and surplus inventory, reach out to the professionals here with Lewisco Holdings. We provide timely and comprehensive answers to your stagnant inventory problems. Whether you’d like a scheduled, recurring service or a one-time sell-off, give us a call: (917) 651-0101.