Liquidating Excess Food Inventory

If you’re tired of losing far too much on excess food inventory, call on Lewisco Holdings for a better experience liquidating your goods. Cash for reinvestment and less loss on goods that won’t sell are key benefits of our services. 

Tested, proven, and independently owned, Lewisco Holdings buys unwanted goods and liquidates them by selling them into the secondary market. The volume, time of year, location, and product category won’t limit the liquidation that we can provide. 

Product purchases we can make run the gamut. We buy dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated grocery items; canned, kibble, jerky, and biscuit dog and cat food and treats; bulk candy, seasonings, and staples; HBA items like toiletries, cosmetics, and self-care products; and general merchandise including cleaning implements and chemicals and paper products. 

Any of these categories can be bought for liquidation in certain situations. We buy goods that don’t fit within the pristine framework required for retail. Suitable conditions for liquidation include being short-coded, close-dated, near or past best by or expiration dates, overstocked, disappointing in sales, closeout, marked down, discontinued, leftover from updated lines, canceled orders, turned down loads, seasonal, promotional, or otherwise slow selling. 

Why Liquidate Groceries?

Food waste and hunger are both issues in the US, a situation that is as ironic as it is tragic.

Much of the food waste comes from a lack of understanding regarding food dates and quality. The dating system isn’t standard or mandated except for those applied to baby formula. Companies make their best guesses as to peak freshness, leaving consumers confused, and most err on the side of caution, throwing away food that is still good for consumption.

The phrases used in connection to package dates are important. 

Best by indicates an estimation of peak freshness. Food is generally safe to consume beyond this date.

Sell by is directed toward retailers. After this date passes, goods should be removed from display. 

Freeze by is a clear direction to use or freeze foods by a specific date to seal freshness. Frozen foods stay safe to eat far longer than you might expect. 

Use by is the closest indicator to monitor quality. After this date, food may begin to be less than its best.

As you consider these dates, trust your senses. The appearance, smell, and taste of foods will indicate the level of quality. 

Why choose Lewisco Holdings for liquidation?

Once you’ve determined that liquidation is the best destination for your unwanted food goods, you’ll need to choose a provider, and we’d like to make the case for choosing the team here at Lewisco Holdings.

  • We are the foremost liquidator in the US.
  • We offer strict brand protection, with rigid safeguards in place.
  • We conceal merchandise completely within alternative customer channels, protecting your own customer base.
  • We work in a targeted fashion, redistributing products in a way that puts them to best use without risking the brand or the original customer channels.
  • We make sure that manufacturer restrictions regarding advertising, geography, display, and wholesales continue to govern the use of products.
  • We provide service with speed, convenience, and integrity.
  • We employ a dedicated carrier transportation network and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses to serve customers from the East coast to the West coast.
  • We are liquidation customers; we are neither brokers nor traders.

Liquidating excess food inventory is the smart move for any first line food marketer, and Lewisco Holdings is the smart choice for liquidation. Book your one-time or recurring service today by calling (917) 210-9395 or by contacting us online.