Liquidating Excess Food and Grocery Stock

Liquidating excess food and grocery stock couldn’t be easier than when provided by Lewisco Holdings. We offer straightforward, fair, fast, and focused solutions, discreetly removing unwanted goods from primary markets and transferring them into more appropriate avenues.

Liquidating Excess Food and Grocery StockSeasonal, holiday, and promotional merchandise can generate significant profit and waste in the food industry. Lewisco Holdings enters the scene to reduce waste and maximize profits once the occasion ends. Producers and retailers often overproduce and overpurchase to meet demand and take advantage of seasonal purchasing, so liquidation becomes an integral part of using these products.

Liquidators like Lewisco Holdings buy and resell outdated and excess inventory, but we do so in a manner that protects the brand. Choosing liquidation lengthens the life of products, minimizes waste, enhances sustainability, increases profits, and removes the burden of products that aren’t moving.

A product’s usefulness rarely ends with the end of a promotion. We sell to confidential buyers who avoid displaying, advertising, and selling outside of geographic limitations. When the brand is hard to hide, we provide repackaging as Mabel’s Farms, our private label.

Liquidating leftover food merchandise saves wholesalers, distributors, and retailers from overspending on storage and disposal costs. The ease of our process removes the burden of handling the goods and any concerns about brand integrity and reputation.

The maximum profit possible comes through liquidation provided by Lewisco Holdings. Our service allows companies to avoid taking a complete loss on goods that no longer belong in regular retail markets. We transfer products to destinations where they can be helpful, extending a small profit margin or doing more on a finite budget.

When unwanted goods are hampering your profitability, reach out to the team here at Lewisco Holdings. The merchandise that we buy and sell includes the following product categories:

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry foods
  • Non-alcoholic, shelf-stable beverages
  • Wet and dry pet food and treats
  • Bulk spices, candy, and kitchen staples
  • HBA items
  • Paper products
  • Cleaning tools and products
  • Other household closeouts.

Lewisco Holdings’s financial, transport, and distribution mechanisms are incredibly sufficient for fast and appropriate liquidation. From same-day offers in most cases to immediate payment upon purchase and same—or next-day pickup, we work quickly to implement suitable liquidation. We serve companies throughout the continental United States with a dedicated carrier network and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses.

Once goods enter our inventory, we begin to target sales to appropriate secondary market buyers, such as mom-and-pop shops, dollar stores, community food pantries, farmers markets, flea market vendors, prisons/jails, educational institutions, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, exporters, and other non-traditional venues.

Our customer base includes hundreds of buyers throughout all regions of the continental US, so we can move liquidated goods quickly—even holiday and promotion leftovers. We encourage alternative buyers to contact us about the vetting process and rules regarding becoming one of our valued customers.

Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to explore the benefits of liquidating excess food and grocery stock through Lewisco Holdings. We bring expertise, capacity, and commitment to every transaction on behalf of our clients and customers. Allow us to bring new life to merchandise you can’t sell but others will still find helpful.