Liquidating Closeout Frozen Foods

Lewisco Holdings is an expert at liquidating closeout frozen foods and a range of other grocery and household products. Our practices can help you recoup your investment as a source of liquidation goods or buy quality goods at low prices as an opportunity buyer.

Liquidating Closeout Frozen FoodsWe have long-standing relationships with thousands of sellers and hundreds of customers, providing benefits to the primary and secondary lines of distribution. Our cash reserves, logistic capacity, and best practices let us make purchases without regard to the time of year, location, or volume of goods.

Why Lewisco Holdings?

Lewisco Holdings’s relationships, practices, logistical network, and commitment allow us to move an array of product categories throughout the continental US.

We have a proven reputation as a leader in the liquidation industry. We are not a broker or a trader. We buy goods outright for redistribution. The products that we buy can range from slightly damaged or nearly expired to mislabeled, promotional, salvaged, excess, or otherwise problematic. If goods fail to meet sales expectations, cut your losses and give us a call.

We provide products to a plethora of non-traditional buyers. Deep-discount salvage grocers, correctional institutions, educational organizations, community food pantries, flea market vendors, and various other customers can walk through our screening process, submit to manufacturer restrictions, and shop among our inventory.

Thousands of clients rely on us for liquidation, including some of the largest brands in the world. We take unwanted goods off the hands of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and exporters in order to send them into more appropriate channels where they find a second life.

The customer relationships that we nurture are vital to our success, so we work diligently to make sure that our clients and customers find satisfactory results with every transaction. Consider the following alternative services:

  • For clients:
    • Proxy sales team, finding buyers within our trusted network and arranging for drop shipment while clients retain possession
    • Turnkey auction service for effortless virtual participation
  • For customers:
    • Sourcing of precise products upon need.

We operate quickly and with integrity, as our reputation demonstrates.

If you own a discount store or operate a limited-budget organization, buying from us can be highly beneficial. Liquidation of grocery, beverage, pet, and household merchandise occurs when we buy and resell surplus, close-dated, and otherwise excess goods at discounted prices. From canned to cold foods, HBA items, and paper products, a range of categories find their way into our inventory. Take advantage of a single source for your inventory by choosing a liquidator like Lewisco Holdings. We offer plenty of ever-changing inventory at all times.

Our customers find that buying from us allows them to push their profit margins and save costs on inventory. We price items to move, so our buyers can provide discounts to their customers while still making a pretty penny in profit themselves.

The sustainability of liquidation shouldn’t go unmentioned. When goods are used rather than wasted, everyone wins. Products that can still be used should be, and Lewisco Holdings helps to make sure that they are.

Click here to contact Lewisco Holdings and benefit from our process of liquidating closeout frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry foods, among other household items. Whether you need to offload goods that are no longer pristine or would like to purchase said items, we can help.