Liquidate Your Shelf-Stable Food Inventory

Do you need to liquidate your shelf-stable food inventory? Lewisco Holdings provides trustworthy, fast, and fair solutions to outdated inventory in various product categories.

The management of grocery inventory is critical to success in the first lines of grocery distribution. Holding on to products that don’t sell in a timely fashion is deleterious to the overall profitability of a company, so the timely liquidation of products is important. Grocery products are particularly important when it comes to the amount of time that the process takes.

Liquidate Your Shelf-Stable Food InventoryThe dates that you find on food and grocery products can be confusing. Many consumers assume that if a date is near or past, the products must not be safe for consumption, and unfortunately, this assumption leads to a tragic amount of food waste. While upcoming best buy and expiration dates will mean that products won’t sell in primary markets, Lewisco Holdings can give them a second, useful life within alternative markets without endangering the brand.

We operate quickly in order to make the best use of the time, providing an offer very quickly, often the same day; wiring payment right away; and collecting our purchase the same or next day. Once you call on us for liquidation, you can expect to have cash flow and display space restored soon.

Lewisco Holdings has such a long history of success in the liquidation world that we know what works and what doesn’t, and we have established systems in place for efficient and confidential redistribution of the products that we buy. These goods fall into the categories of frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry foods; alcohol-free beverages; wet and dry dog and cat food and treats; and household goods like health and beauty aids, cleaning goods, and paper products.

Our network of product sources and customers include 3,000+ and 400+, respectively. In order to make hasty work of liquidation, we utilize our own dedicated carrier network and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses.

When we purchase these products for targeted redistribution, they’re worthy of liquidation because they’re part of a canceled order, turned down load, overstocked inventory, close-dated inventory, outdated distribution line, closeouts, or ended promotion. For whatever reason the products aren’t moving as quickly as anticipated, so they must be liquidated.

For liquidation to be successful, goods must be completely removed from primary markets. Lewisco Holdings’ customers never include convenience stores, restaurants, or supermarkets. We sell products to alternative customers like prisons/jails, farmer’s markets, flea market vendors, schools, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, etc.

All of these buyers submit to following manufacturer restrictions that prohibit advertisement, display, wholesales, and selling outside of geographic boundaries. To ensure liquidation, we even provide repackaging under the private Mabel’s Farms label.

Alternative Services

The typical process of liquidation doesn’t work for all companies. If you need an alternative option, call on Lewisco Holdings to act as a proxy sales team. We will find a buyer and arrange for drop shipment while you retain the products themselves.

We can also provide a digital turnkey auction service or hunt down specific products for buyers.

Reach out to the team at Lewisco Holdings if you need to liquidate merchandise, including your shelf-stable food inventory or would like to become a purchaser of such by clicking here or calling (917) 210-9395.