Liquidate Your Distressed Food Products

When you need to liquidate your distressed food products, turn to Lewisco Holdings. We buy and resell a plethora of grocery, beverage, and household products. Our service benefits those who sell and those who buy liquidation-worthy products in order to make the most of every product’s usefulness and minimize waste. 

Liquidate Your Distressed Food ProductsThe primary liquidator in the industry, Lewisco Holdings is a privately owned operation. We buy merchandise that doesn’t fit within primary channels and then resell it into more appropriate avenues. Our process works without regard to the amount of products in question, the time of the year, or the category of goods. 

For your own custom liquidation plan, reach out to our professional team of liquidators at Lewisco Holdings. 

We liquidation products in all sorts of conditions including the following:

  • Overstocks
  • Closeouts
  • Items near or passed expiration or best by dates
  • Leftovers of discontinued product lines
  • Shelf-pulls and closeouts
  • Other items with disappointing sales.

Manufacturers, distributors, and large retailers rely on us to conceal their goods within nontraditional customer channels. We’re able to help these primary marketers get back a portion of their investment as secondary marketers do more with less and pay forward savings. 

We base our fast and fair service on long term relationships with buyers and sellers of liquidation goods. We make the most of every product by acting with speed and discretion. In addition to contacts, we make use of thirteen warehouses throughout the nation and a dedicated carrier fleet.

Need to Know Info for Lewisco Holdings Inventory Sources

  • Verified screening of buyers, restrictive sales channels, and confidentiality of the brand’s identity and reputation;
  • Adherence to all manufacturer restrictions regarding geographical limitations, display, advertising, and wholesaling;
  • Private label repackaging and rebranding as Mabel’s Farms;
  • Transportation for all product transfers;
  • Outright purchase of merchandise;
  • Coverage of all elements of both sides of the liquidation process.

Need to Know Info for Lewisco Holdings Buyers

  • Rock bottom prices
  • Every needed certification
  • Quick service and delivery
  • Truthful product description
  • Unique product searches as needed and requested

Lewisco Holdings Inventory Particulars

When you keep products past their peak freshness, the problems that come can do real damage to your business. Surrounding merchandise will be tainted by products that aren’t in the best condition, and you can’t buy new, profitable goods when all of your cash flow is tied up in old inventory. 

Don’t waste this merchandise just because it doesn’t fit within primary environments. Sell it to us instead. 

Lewisco Holdings buys and sells a variety of products – canned, dry, frozen, and refrigerated groceries; alcohol-free beverages; wet and dry pet food and treats; bulk candy, spices, and staples; and general merchandise like HBA, paper, and cleaning items.

Conditions that make these goods appropriate for liquidation measures may range from overstocked to closeout, discontinued product lines, canceled orders, turned down loads, short-coded products, near or past best by or expiration dates, slow-moving, leftovers from prior versions, out of season/holiday, or otherwise problematic.


Liquidate your distressed food products through Lewisco Holdings. We provide reliability and speed based upon integrity and long term relationships. Would you like to learn more? Speak with our team by calling (917) 210-9395 or by following this link to contact us online.