Liquidate Your Closeout Food and Grocery Inventory

Lewisco Holdings is the first call you should make if you need to liquidate your closeout food and grocery inventory. Our expertise, experience, and processes allow our clients to recoup more of their investment promptly and discreetly.

Liquidate Your Closeout Food and Grocery InventoryThe leading independently owned professional liquidator in the United States, Lewisco Holdings has a footprint throughout the continental US and a long history of successful provision of service. When confidentiality, convenience, and fairness matter, rely on us.

When to Liquidate

Liquidation measures become appropriate when merchandise is no longer in the type of retail-perfect condition that reflects appropriately on the brand and the store. These conditions often include being near or passed best by or expiration dates, overstocked or overrun inventory, closeout or marked down products, discontinued or leftovers from product updates, canceled orders or turned down loads, remaining merchandise from holiday, seasonal, or other promotions, or otherwise slow-moving products. Products that fit any of these conditions merit liquidation, which we can best provide.

What to Liquidate

Lewisco Holdings specializes in food and beverage liquidation, but we don’t limit our efforts to those categories. If your products don’t seem to perfectly align, give us a call to verify whether we can buy your goods or suggest a liquidator who would be more appropriate for your products.

Lewisco Holdings Inventory Categories

  • Shelf stable dry goods
  • Canned meats, vegetables, fruits, and sauces
  • Refrigerated lunch meats, cheeses, and more
  • Frozen foods of all types
  • Alcohol-free and shelf-stable beverages
  • Dog, cat, and fish food, treats, and care products
  • Bulk spices
  • Bulk staples
  • Bulk candies
  • Health and beauty items
  • Household cleaning supplies
  • Paper products
  • Other household closeouts

How to Liquidate

When you determine that the time to liquidate has come, you can rely on us to perform speedily. We work with discretion and haste as we evaluate the products up for liquidation, calculate an offer, and provide immediate payment and same or next day purchase collection.

For our offer process to begin, we require specific product information including:

  • Photographs
  • Label and brand
  • Nutrition facts
  • All dates on the item packaging’s exterior and interior
  • Package size
  • Quantity of goods per unit/case/pallet/load
  • Location
  • Preferred price

How to Ensure Liquidation Discretion

Liquidation is a time of vulnerability for brands. Your choice of liquidator is key to protecting the brand’s identity and reputation. Lewisco Holdings understands this need better than any other. Simply look at our history and client list if you need proof. We serve some of the largest brands in the country – and have for years.

Lewisco Holdings does not broker or trade; we liquidate. We also do not redistribute goods to supermarkets, first-line distributors, convenience stores, or restaurants. The group to whom we target products is screened and consists of over 400 separate accounts like private mom-and-pop retailers, food pantries, prisons and jails, educational facilities and programs, deeply discounted salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other non-traditional outlets.

Our redistribution methods protect the originally intended customer channels, and we require that our buyers adhere to strict liquidation protocols. Our buyers follow manufacturer restrictions against advertising, display, wholesaling, and violating geographic boundaries.

In your search for the best route to liquidate closeout food and grocery inventory, select the best: Lewisco Holdings. Click here to schedule liquidation, or reach us by phone at (917) 210-9395.