Liquidate Inventory

Lewisco Holdings pledges to liquidate inventory by leveraging our experience and expertise to provide speedy, convenient, and confidential results.

Lewisco Holdings is the primary liquidation provider within the United States. We have many years of experience and an established logistics system to operate quickly to appropriately deal with liquidated goods.

Liquidate InventoryThe following conditions generally indicate that goods ought to be liquidated:

  • Underperforming sales
  • Short-coded
  • Almost or past expiration
  • Overstocked
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Closeout or marked down goods
  • Leftover versions of updated packaging or recipes
  • Overstocked
  • Canceled or turned down orders
  • Private labels

Our inventory largely consists of grocery and household items. From dry to canned, refrigerated, and frozen, foods of all sorts are welcome. We also embrace alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats, bulk merchandise, HBA products, paper items, and cleaning goods. If you’re unsure about surplus goods on your shelves or warehouses, reach out to our team for a prompt response.

For liquidation to begin, all we’ll need is pertinent information about the products in question. This information includes all of the following:

  • label/brand
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutrition facts
  • Photos
  • All dates from the interior and exterior
  • Package size
  • Quantity of units, cases, pallets, and loads
  • Location
  • Desired price

Provide this information, and we will respond with an offer – usually the same day! When we come to terms, payment will be right away, and collection of our purchase will be that day or the next.

In addition to speed and fair returns, we offer brand protection. For this reason, among others, many of the largest American grocery producers are among our clients. Our goal is to minimize waste, maximize recoupment, and share savings with alternative customers.

In order to protect brands, we avoid any of the originally intended customers. Our inventory isn’t available to supermarkets, distributors, convenience stores, or restaurants. We screen our buyers and require that they adhere to manufacturer restrictions.

Opportunity buyers come to Lewisco Holdings in order to buy usable, quality, brand name goods at lower than low prices. Whether the organization has a limited budget or a limited profit margin, shopping with us can help. Do more with less, or spread the savings forward to your customers to grow your loyal customer base.

Examples of alternative customers include any of the following:

  • Small retail stores
  • Community food pantries
  • Prisons or jails
  • Educational facilities
  • Deep-discount salvage grocers
  • Farmers markets
  • Flea market vendors

Any of these buyers must be far removed from primary customer channels and refrain from advertising, display, wholesaling, or selling outside of geographic boundaries. The commitment to discretion is such that we offer our own private label for repackaging. When a brand is too visible, it will become our own Mabel’s Farms to help protect the manufacturer’s identity and reputation.

Liquidation isn’t all we offer. Our buyers can also make specific requests, and we’ll scour our clients for the product to fulfill the request.

We also offer access to a turnkey auction service or to act as a proxy sales team, wherein we will find a customer and arrange for shipping while you retain ownership and possession of the goods.

In order to liquidate inventory as easily and safely as possible, call Lewisco Holdings at (917) 210-9395 or contact us online by following this link. Instead of throwing out your excess inventory, choose liquidation.