Liquidate Grocery Inventory

A fast and simple solution for goods that you can’t move is to liquidate your grocery inventory. Our system here at Lewisco Holdings works to transfer goods from the primary market into the secondary marketplace. This transfer will turn your products into cash and allow you to purchase new inventory and inject new life into your business.

Liquidate Grocery InventoryAs a successful, privately-owned product liquidator, Lewisco Holdings has what it takes to clear off your shelves and get your cash flowing again. Regardless of the quantity of goods you need to move into the secondary market, our company has a large range of warehouses across the country to handle the logistics quickly. By purchasing your goods and then redistributing them deep within the secondary market, you’ll be free from the limitations that aging, stale inventory brings to your business.

Before you dump all of your slow-moving merchandise and lose a large part of your investment, check into the services Lewisco Holdings offers. Our company purchases food items that are frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry; pet food and treats, both wet and dry; health and beauty items; cleaning products; and paper products. Once we purchase from you, we then re-sell to vetted and verified buyers throughout the country.

Advantages of Choosing Lewisco Holdings for Liquidation Services

Choosing Lewisco Holdings to handle the task of clearing shelves in your warehouse provides more benefits than you might imagine. Consider the following ways that Lewisco Holdings stands out from the crowd among others in the grocery liquidation industry:

  • Our redistribution sites are widespread and able to serve companies nationwide.
  • You’ll free up your cash flow and reduce overhead costs.
  • An offer, payment, and pickup from us will occur quickly.
  • We’ll protect your company’s reputation by distributing the goods far from your regular customer base.
  • You’ll free up space within your store and storage so that you can inject some new life into your inventory.
  • Your brand’s protection extends to strict follow-through on all manufacturer restrictions.
  • Our company has the funds and logistics capabilities to handle large amounts of product that you need to move.
  • We can also provide repackaging services with our own secondary brand, Mabel’s Farms.
  • Customers within the lower 48 US states can receive same or next day pickup.
  • Our customer support is top quality, and we are highly committed to your satisfaction.
  • We’re neither brokers nor traders.

The Buyer Group We Serve

Over 400 independent entities comprise the buying group of Lewisco Holdings. We provide a straightforward way for these organizations to purchase lots of products at deeply discounted rates.

Our group of buyers includes food pantries, prisons and jails, educational facilities, small independent grocers, and deep discount salvage stores. We manage these buyers closely to make sure that all of your goods are moved quickly and confidentially.

When you need to liquidate your company’s grocery inventory, turn to Lewisco Holdings. We have an impressive history of discretion, speed, and effectiveness. Reach out to us at (917) 651-0101 to discover the ideal source for turning your almost obsolete inventory into cash.