Liquidate Food Service Inventory

Any business in the food service sector will at some point face the need to liquidate some inventory. Lewisco Holdings has a time-tested method of extending the life of goods and the return on investment for many of the country’s largest manufacturers and distributors.

Liquidate Food Service InventoryWhen goods are almost expired or out of season, that doesn’t mean the entire investment is lost, these products simply need to be redistributed to the secondary market for a new life.

Introduction to the Services of Lewisco Holdings

Making sure that goods that are not viable in the primary market are not wasted is the main goal of our business. We’ll help you recoup as much as possible of the cash you have invested while clearing space for new inventory. In addition, we provide deep discount stores and other institutions with usable goods that have passed their prime for sales in prime retail outlets.

For fast and effective product distribution, the liquidator you choose will need two things: a large network and logistical capabilities. Lewisco has many years of experience, numerous contacts, and multiple warehouses and redistribution centers across the United States.

Don’t assume that we only handle grocery items either. While we do deal in all types of food and non-alcoholic beverages, from frozen to shelf-stable dry goods and from energy drinks to cola, we also deal in wet and dry pet food and treats, paper products, cleaning supplies, and even health and beauty items.

Brand Protection Included with Our Service

Introducing your products to the secondary market without making sure that your brand will be protected is a risky prospect. We understand that your products should not be seen in less than perfect condition, so we vet every one of our customers to ensure that they follow manufacturer restrictions, do not advertise, and will not target the primary market’s customer channels.

Being providers for the secondary market, we will not distribute to convenience stores, restaurants, primary supermarkets, or full-line distributors. We sell to 400 customers comprised of deep discount salvage stores, independently owned small grocery stores, correctional institutions, schools, and food pantries.

Our efforts to protect your brand go even further by redistributing your products under our own label, Mabel’s Farm.

Merchandise That We Purchase

Lewisco Holdings has a broad network of sellers and buyers, and we offer fast service. We can liquidate products in these (and many other) categories:

  • Discontinued products
  • Overstocks
  • Short-coded or close-dated merchandise
  • Package modifications
  • Modifications to ingredients
  • Closeouts
  • Off-season inventory

Our streamlined system of redistribution requires warehouse facilities throughout the continental US. Lewisco Holdings has the purchase power and can handle large bulk loads of product. When you accept our offer to purchase, we’ll arrive to pick up your items the same day or the next.

Lewisco Holdings provides options other than outright purchase. Your company can choose to retain ownership and possession but use our expert sales team to handle the sale and arrange for shipping.

To liquidate food service inventory and recover some of your investment, contact the friendly professionals at Lewisco Holdings. We offer efficient and full-service solutions to almost obsolete merchandise on a one time or ongoing basis. Reach out today at (917) 651-0101 to begin the process.