Liquidate Excess Food Inventory

Food insecurity is a secret scourge of American society, but primary marketers can play a role in correcting the problem by choosing to liquidate excess food inventory. Lewisco Holdings provides merchandise that is still edible but will otherwise be wasted due to conditions that make the goods no longer appropriate for first line markets.

Liquidate Excess Food InventorySurplus grocery inventory is unavoidable in primary markets. As part of liquidation, Lewisco Holdings purchases and redistributes problematic products in a concealed and fast manner. We have a lengthy list of long term contacts and plenty of purchase power and transportation logistics to enable us to move goods regardless of the quantity, season, or location.

The Hidden Epidemic of Hunger

When the recent pandemic hit, the full reality of food insecurity became painfully obvious. Families waiting in lines for food, food banks being unable to serve all who visit, and students missing school breakfasts and lunches were all over the news. In reality, this problem was real well before the full impact was felt.

The fact that ample food is also wasted in this country is a sad parallel, but liquidation through Lewisco Holdings can rescue usable food from the landfill and place it in the hands of those who need it.

As the middle class shrinks, these problems will become more dramatic and intense, but Lewisco Holdings and other liquidation providers can help mitigate some of the damage. Academic struggles, housing instability, and compromised health are all results of tightened budgets and limited nutrition.

Liquidation as a Solution to Hunger

Hungry families don’t always qualify for assistance from the government. These families are left to search for alternative avenues for food purchases. Lewisco Holdings provides liquidation buying opportunities to community food pantries, farmers’ markets, schools, independent dollar stores, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, and other alternative market members who pass on significant savings to customers.

To play a role in our buying market, reach out with specifications regarding the categories of goods you’d find interesting. Be aware that all liquidation goods are going to be slow-moving for one reason or another:

  • Closeout
  • Discontinued
  • Overstocked
  • Near-dated
  • Outdated versions of updated products
  • Canceled orders
  • Turned down loads
  • Seasonal, holiday, or other promotional goods
  • Many other conditions

The products that we buy and resell include refrigerated food items, shelf-stable dry and canned goods, frozen foods, etc. We also deal in alcohol-free beverages, pet food and treats, and general merchandise categories. The ambiguity of dates on packaging should be remembered when purchasing liquidation goods. In most cases, products are usable far longer than dates indicate.

The buyers of Lewisco Holdings’s inventory should be prepared to protect confidentiality. Sales cannot be completed outside of geographic bounds; display and advertising are prohibited; as is wholesaling. The original customer channels and ours must never overlap.

Outside of the good done by feeding the hungry, liquidation through Lewisco Holdings is just good business. The process returns space and cash for new purchases and an increased degree of profitability.

Alternative Lewisco Holdings Services

We can also act as a sales service on your company’s behalf, finding a buyer and arranging for shipment. Turnkey auction services can also come from Lewisco Holdings.

Lewisco Holdings is the choice to liquidate excess food inventory. Sign up today for a one-time or recurring liquidation service by calling  or signing up online.