Inventory Liquidators Near Me

Finding “inventory liquidators near me” is a common search for any business since it’s such a necessary element of any sales process. Difficult-to-sell products can tie up cash flow and fill valuable shelf and storage space. Lewisco Holdings provides discretion, speed, and fairness as goods are removed from primary channels and introduced into the secondary marketplace.

Inventory Liquidators Near MeWhen merchandise reaches the point of requiring liquidation, it needs to be removed quickly and discreetly. Lewisco Holdings has the experience and know-how to provide an appropriate resolution to your overflowing merchandise problem.

Removing aging merchandise as quickly as possible is the best route for a return to profitability. Letting the aging merchandise linger will make other products less than ideal and will eventually affect your brand. Liquidation allows you to prevent obsolescence while recovering at least a portion of your product investment.

A few situations that should warrant a call to Lewisco Holdings include slow-moving goods, overstocks, close- or short-dated goods, closeouts, discontinued lines, and even out-of-season merchandise.

Product Categories That Lewisco Holdings Welcomes

Before you reach for the dumpster, reach for the phone and call Lewisco Holdings if you need to liquidate grocery items, beverages, pet food, health and beauty aids, paper goods, and cleaning chemicals. We’ll purchase these goods outright and redistribute them into alternative channels of the secondary market.

To send your goods into liquidation by selling to Lewisco Holdings, call us and be ready to provide the following information:

  • Photographs of the products
  • Ingredient list and nutrition facts
  • Every date on the package
  • The brand/label
  • The size of the package
  • The number of units in a case, the number of cases on a pallet, and the number of pallets in question
  • The location
  • The preferred price

Brand Protection Provided through Discretion

Lewisco Holdings offers brand protection because we’re protective over the reputation of our clients’ brands, and we know what works. In addition to vetting and requiring that our buyers submit to advertising and geographic restrictions, we also offer repackaging services under the label Mabel’s Farms. The products that we purchase and sell will be placed in such a way that protects the brand’s reputation.

By regulating the exposure of your brand, we protect your company’s profitability. We take great care to make sure that our clients’ customers and our own are never the same. We are not brokers or traders, and we don’t sell to restaurants, primary supermarket chains, or convenience stores. Instead, all of our buyers are members of the secondary marketplace, such as charitable organizations, governmental institutions, or privately owned, small, discount retailers.

Our 400 strong buyer group allows us to operate nationwide, distributing a wide range of products. Lewisco Holdings is the right answer for products considered unfit for the primary marketplace. Our process is fast, easy, and confidential.

If the overstocks or slow-movers in your product line are messing with your profit margins, remove them effortlessly by calling Lewisco Holdings at (917) 651-0101. When you search for inventory liquidators near you, remember that for those in the continental US, we’re always the right answer. We can give products new life instead of seeing usable goods left on shelves taking up space and hindering profits.