Inventory Liquidation Strategies

When storage spaces fill and shelves begin to collect dust, inventory liquidation strategies become appropriate. Lewisco Holdings is a stellar source for liquidation. We offer a streamlined, convenient process that allows you to get rid of your entire collection of troublesome merchandise and purchase new goods that will turn a profit quickly.

Inventory Liquidation StrategiesThe flip side of our business benefits organizations that require name brand surplus goods to make budgets stretch a bit further or inflate profits as much as possible. We offer a range of products and have a large buying group to be able to match products to the perfect buyer.

The liquidation arena is a large industry, and we’re one of the clear leaders. Our extensive experience, widespread logistics, and professional knowledge allow us to provide satisfactory outcomes for participants in both the primary and secondary lines of distribution.

What Goods Can Be Liquidated?

Lewisco Holdings welcomes any sort of slow-moving, unwanted products. Whether you have overstocks, shelf-pulls, or other goods that you can’t move, give us a call at the earliest moment possible.

Overstocked goods are items that may never have been displayed in a store. Whether the product was a poor purchasing choice or part of an overly large purchase order, the product just never made it to display. This type of item can easily be liquidated into secondary lines of sale.

Other liquidation appropriate items may be pulled from shelves. Stores may have displayed, marked down, and have just a few of the products left. The longer these items sit, the more harm is done to the store and the brand. Items may have been part of a holiday or seasonal promotion, an older version of a product that has since been updated, or even just the last lingering products of an order.

The reason that you need goods liquidated isn’t all that important. We’re accustomed to dealing with a plethora of product categories including the following:

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry, shelf-stable food goods
  • Beverages without alcohol
  • Wet/dry pet food/treats
  • HBA items
  • Bulk candy
  • Bulk spices
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Paper products
  • Much more

The Liquidation Method

To begin liquidating goods, you should reach out to us. The products in question should be photographed, and those photos should then be forwarded to us. We will also need the brand/label, the dates on the inside and outside of the package, the amounts of goods in question, the package size, your location, and the price you’d like to see. We can then calculate value, make an offer, and await your decision. If we come to terms, your payment will be immediate, and pickup will be that day or the next.

The 400+ buyers within our contact network look forward to purchasing the products we buy from primary distribution channels. They know the rules, and they follow them.

As you consider inventory liquidation strategies, know that Lewisco Holdings will bring speed, fairness, and brand protection. Call us at (917) 651-0101 to sell to us, buy from us, or just learn a bit more about liquidation.