How To Sell Excess Canned Food Inventory

Lewisco Holdings allows first-line manufacturers and merchants to sell excess canned food inventory when they otherwise don’t know how. We purchase goods and allow producers, importers, and exporters to recoup their investments to the extent possible, minimizing losses and making reinvestment possible.

How To Sell Excess Canned Food InventoryLeading the liquidation industry for many years, Lewisco Holdings has a myriad of long-term relationships with sellers and buyers of liquidation-worthy merchandise. Our processes rely on purchase power and streamlined logistics to handle small and large volumes of goods no matter the season or location.

What We Buy and Sell

Lewisco Holdings specializes in all types of grocery categories, including dry, canned, frozen, and refrigerated foods. We also buy beverages, pet items, and select general merchandise.

Canned foods are especially ideal for liquidation because of their longevity. From tuna to spinach, mandarin oranges, soups, and beyond, canned foods are diverse in kind and deserve a place within every pantry. We provide a service that ensures useful canned items avoid being unnecessarily discarded and provide them with a second act within the secondary market.

Become one of the thousands of producers, importers, and exporters throughout the US who rely on us for liquidation when excess goods weigh down your shelves. We proudly serve over half of the top 100 manufacturers within the nation.

Conditions that ought to qualify your inventory for liquidation include being near or passed best-by or expiration dates, slow sales, closeouts, overstocked, overruns, outdated versions of updated product lines, discontinued product lines, canceled or rejected orders, seasonal or holiday inventory, etc. When goods don’t fit within the immaculate atmosphere of a retail environment, they should be liquidated.

The goods that we buy and redistribute are quality, useful items that have life left and will benefit the targeted buyer to whom we sell. Our buyers are secondary market members who make good use of the opportunity to purchase goods at discounted prices.

How We Operate

For a quick valuation of your excess goods, reach out to our team. We will need some information about the merchandise in question – namely the brand (label), photographs, ingredient list, nutrition profile, all dates on the packaging, the package size, quantity of goods, location, and desired price. We can usually circle back with an offer the same day.

Like our offer? We’ll pay immediately, wiring payment, and we’ll then pick up our purchase that day or the next. We can act quickly since we work with thirteen different warehouses spread throughout the US. Targeted resale will begin right away since time is of the essence.

Highlights of Lewisco Holdings Liquidation:

  • Purchases made no matter where or how much merchandise is being liquidated
  • Protections provided for the brand and its reputation;
  • Protections of originally intended customer channels:
  • Convenient liquidation with straightforward processes;
  • Immediate payment and prompt pickup;
  • Provision of liquidation – no trading, diverting, or brokering;
  • Integrity-driven operations for full commitment to the satisfaction of our sellers and buyers;
  • Manufacturer restrictions govern liquidated goods – No marketing, advertising, or online sales.

Click here or call (917) 210 9395 to arrange to sell excess canned food inventory through Lewisco Holdings when you don’t see how to appropriately sell them in first-line channels. We have the capacity and know-how needed to turn your problem into cash and space for reinvestment.