How to Liquidate Inventory

Lewisco Holdings knows how to liquidate inventory and does it well! We can help companies overcome situations that result in the loss of inventory and profits by removing stagnant merchandise from the marketplace and offsetting at least a portion of the investment. By purchasing these goods, we then redistribute them into secondary market entities for incredible savings and budget stretching.

How to Liquidate InventoryVery well known in the liquidation arena, Lewisco Holdings transfers food, beverage, pet foods, and general merchandise from primary to secondary lines of distribution nationwide. We have the experience, the financial backing, and the logistical capacity to handle the load, and we’ve earned our name as the fair and fast method of liquidation.

The Right Buying Group

With the power of over 400 buyers, we know that we can handle whatever you have to sell. Our team of liquidation professionals screens all of our buyers, and over time, we develop a strong relationship with them. The range of products we liquidate creates a diverse group of buyers as well. Mom-and-pop grocery stores, deep-discount grocery stores, schools, prisons, community food banks, farmers markets, and more can benefit from the deeply discounted prices we offer.

If you’d like to become a Lewisco Holdings buyer, you’ll need to pass our vetting processes and heed all manufacturer restrictions. Let us know the types of products you’re interested in purchasing, and we’ll call you as products become available.

Our Professional Commitment to Customers

  • We’re liquidators, not brokers or traders.
  • We offer fast delivery and pickup to both our clients and customers.
  • Our customers are never within primary lines of distribution.
  • We aren’t limited by product amounts or pickup locations as long as they’re within the continental United States.
  • Our products are purchased outright and re-distributed.

Reasons to Liquidate Using Lewisco Holdings

Having products collect dust is never a great idea. The space, time, overhead costs, and initial investment are a drain on your company’s profitability that grows larger with every day that goes by. Lewisco Holdings can help resolve the situation by removing the products, recouping some of the funds, and opening purchasing avenues.

Lewisco Holdings is the right choice for many reasons. We offer quick resolution to problem merchandise through immediate payment and same or next day pickup, and every seller can rely on us to protect their image. Even though you’re selling your goods, their use and appearance will be limited to certain channels designed to minimize detrimental effects on reputation.

Those who sell to us are over 3,000 strong. Lewisco Holdings will breathe new life into stagnant goods by sending them into new lines of use. The amount of goods, your location, and the seasonality of the products won’t stop us from purchasing and redistributing your excess merchandise.

Situations that call for liquidation are those that put products in a less than ideal situation for sale. They include the following:

  • Close-dated goods
  • Almost expired or expired products
  • Overstocks
  • Closeouts
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Older formulations or packaging of products with recent updates

Some companies may consider throwing away goods in these conditions, but the wiser idea is to send those goods into areas where they can be useful.

When inventory requires effort to liquidate, Lewisco Holdings can provide the know-how you need. We invite you to call (917) 651-0101 to devise a plan to quickly and discreetly handle your unwanted merchandise today.