How to Get Rid of Old Stock Inventory?

Are your warehouses and shelves full of unwanted products? Lewisco Holdings is how experienced and successful primary marketers get rid of old stock inventory in order to return their businesses to profitability. 

How to Get Rid of Old Stock Inventory?An independently owned food and beverage liquidator that serves the entire United States, Lewisco Holdings has multiple years of experience providing solutions for those who need to sell or buy liquidation-worthy products. Reach out to our team today when you need to offset your losses or take advantage of deeply discounted prices. 

Product categories that we specialize in liquidating include all of the following:

  • Shelf-stable dry goods – rice, cookies, pasta, cereal
  • Canned foods – tuna, vegetables, fruit, canned pasta
  • Refrigerated foods – milk, dairy, yogurt, cheese, lunchmeat
  • Frozen foods – pizza, TV dinners, ice cream, waffles
  • Alcohol-free beverages – water, soda, tea and coffee, sports drinks
  • Pet items – dog and cat food and treats (kibble, canned, jerky, biscuit, etc.)
  • Household goods – cleaning products, paper goods, HBA items

We sell these products to more than 400 separate entities throughout the continental US. The typical nontraditional customer of liquidation products may be a private small retailer, an independent dollar store, community food pantry, prison/jail, school, deep-discount salvage grocery store, animal shelter, flea market vendor, farmers market, or other alternative market customer.

We use sales channels that are restricted and make it necessary to screen our buyers closely. If you’d like to shop within our inventory, you must be prepared to submit to vetting and follow restrictions against wholesales, violations of geographic limitations, advertising, and display of branded items.

We go to great efforts to protect the original customer channels by selling to alternative customers, following manufacturer restrictions, and providing repackaging of difficult to conceal brands as Mabel’s Farms, our own private label.

Handling Excess Inventory Responsibly

Managing inventory inevitably includes liquidation. When merchandise fails to meet sales expectations, liquidation can be a solution. We’ll remove products from the warehouses and shelves of your company, help you recoup a portion of your investment, and provide you with the space and funds to make better product investments. 

Keeping poorly managed inventory prevents profitability by limiting purchase power as well as storage and display space. Additionally, the products around the problematic merchandise can become tainted by the dated nature of the goods. Avoid these problems by calling Lewisco Holdings for liquidation.

As a liquidator, Lewisco Holdings provides assistance to thousands of first-line distributors, retailers, and wholesalers when products need to be liquidated. We regularly purchase products in any of the following conditions:

  • Short-coded or close-dated products
  • Closeout or marked down products
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Overstocks and overruns
  • Underperforming products
  • Packaging changes
  • Product formulation (ingredients) changes
  • Canceled orders or turned down loads
  • Seasonal stock or promotional items
  • Any otherwise slow-moving merchandise

Throughout liquidation, Lewisco Holdings ensures that manufacturer guidelines are met and followed. From thoroughly vetting all buyers to requiring that they avoid display, advertising, violating geographic boundaries, and wholesaling and offering repackaging goods as Mabel’s Farms products, we do everything possible to protect our clients’ brands and identities. 

If you’re ready to begin the process of liquidation, contact Lewisco Holdings and provide relevant product information. When we agree on a price, we’ll pay right away and arrange for pickup that day or the next. Targeted liquidation will begin quickly.

Wondering how to get rid of old stock inventory? Look to Lewisco Holdings for liquidation solutions by following this link or phoning (917) 210-9395.