How to Deal with Surplus Grocery Inventory?

A common question among first-line manufacturers: how to best deal with surplus grocery inventory?

How to Deal with Surplus Grocery Inventory?The liquidation professionals at Lewisco Holdings would like to make the case that we are the answer. As evidence of our merits, we urge you to consider that we serve over half of the top 100 US manufacturers. We must be meeting and even exceeding expectations for this rate of client loyalty.

If you have unwanted food, beverage, pet, or general merchandise to offload, reach out to us for a fair offer and fast, discreet service.

Introducing Lewisco Holdings, Liquidators

Lewisco Holdings serves the entire continental United States, providing reliable liquidation services for first-line manufacturers (small and large), importers, and exporters. Our history demonstrates that we have the contacts, processes, purchase capacity, and commitment to successfully make the most of the supply chain. We utilize carefully controlled sales channels to redistribute goods appropriately.

When we buy goods, we bury them deeply within secondary markets so that exposure isn’t a concern for our clients.

The Lewisco Holdings Redistribution Process

Lewisco Holdings buys products to remove them from the first lines of distribution and transfers them into secondary markets by selling to about 400 carefully selected buyers. We can move quantities of goods without regard to quantity, concealing them well within alternative customer channels and protecting the originally intended ones.

We sell to schools and prisons, food bank organizations, Amish and Mennonite Co-ops, and select independent retail operations. By enforcing manufacturer restrictions and providing repacking solutions, we’re able to fully protect the brand and its reputation.

The Products Liquidated by Lewisco Holdings

The products that we buy and sell merit liquidation through our processes due to their category and condition.

We purchase grocery and beverage items in particular. From dry goods to canned, frozen, and refrigerated groceries, we welcome your sale of proteins, convenience foods, cereals, crackers, pasta, sauces, condiments, spices, staples, candy, etc.

As for beverages, we purchase all merchandise that is shelf-stable and alcohol-free.

The pet items that we buy include food and treats of all types, including kibble, jerky, organic, natural, freeze-dried, biscuit, and more.

Finally, we purchase select general merchandise, primarily HBA items, paper products, and cleaning goods.

The Liquidation Process Pursued by Lewisco Holdings

Clients who need to pursue liquidation through Lewisco Holdings face an easy process. We’ll need specific information in order to evaluate the goods and make an offer, and we can usually do so on the same day. Some of the info we will need includes photographs, the brand, the package size, the ingredient list, dates, nutrition facts, location, quantity, and preferred price.

Should you be happy with our offer, we wire payment right away and arrange pickup the same day or the next. We work with thirteen warehouses throughout the country to begin strategic liquidation as quickly as possible.

Key to Lewisco Holdings Liquidation:

  • We are not brokers or traders; we are liquidation buyers.
  • We respect brand and customer privacy and marketing restrictions.
  • We offer the best price for clients and customers.
  • We work quickly and conveniently.
  • We pay quickly.
  • We communicate responsively and appropriately.

Stop asking how to deal with surplus grocery inventory. The answer is clear. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to secure professional, confidential, and convenient liquidation through Lewisco Holdings.