How to Clear Excess Food Inventory with Food Brokers

If you’ve been asking how to clear excess food inventory with food brokers, consider the benefits of choosing liquidation through Lewisco Holdings instead. We leverage extensive experience, buyers, and logistics to provide fair, fast, and discreet service for half of the top 100 producers in the US. Join them today!

How to Clear Excess Food Inventory with Food BrokersLewisco Holdings, a privately owned national food and beverage liquidator, transfers goods from primary market manufacturers, importers, and exporters into secondary markets where they can be sold without tainting the brand. Our reputation for integrity comes from many years of exceeding expectations as we meet the needs of sellers and buyers.

Strong Contacts Equal Targeted Liquidation

We buy and sell from entities throughout the continental United States and have forged long-term relationships based on verifiable follow-through. With deep purchase power, an established logistics network, and proven logistic processes, we buy and sell a wide range of top-tier, brand-name goods, working quickly and fairly for everyone involved.

The buyers we serve must be end-users, not diverters or traders. Schools, correctional institutions, deep-discount small retailers, food banks, Amish and Mennonite Co-ops, and other alternative buyers can buy from us. If you can demonstrate that you’re part of the secondary market, present strong references, and commit to following the rules of regulation, we welcome you to contact us for customer consideration.

Our buyers find that liquidation purchases help do more with a finite budget, expand profit margins, and gain a stronger customer base by offering special savings.

As part of buying liquidated merchandise, our buyers must adhere to manufacturer restrictions. This means that Lewisco Holdings customers do not advertise, display, or wholesale goods. In addition, the products can’t be sold online, and every buyer must have a physical location.

Having iterated the rules, if you find that buying liquidated goods would benefit your secondary market entity, contact our team to discuss arrangements and products that you would be interested in purchasing. When said goods enter our inventory, we will reach out for targeted opportunity sales.

Selling Goods to Lewisco Holdings

The inventory that we sell comes from primary market members with excess merchandise that they need to offload. We purchase frozen, refrigerated, dry, and canned foods; alcohol-free beverages; and all types of pet food and treats. In addition, we purchase select general merchandise items like health and beauty aids, paper goods, and cleaning items.

By buying from thousands of sellers across the country, we meet the needs of all of our customers. The condition of the goods that we buy makes them no longer appropriate for primary markets, whether that be because they are close-dated, short-coded, overstocked, overrun, closeout, discontinued, leftovers of a product with new packaging or formulations, mislabeled, store brand, rejected, canceled, or slow-moving for any other reason.

The buyer group whom we serve conceals the brand of the goods that we buy and sell. This step is essential to successful liquidation. Carefully controlling the sale of goods is one of the most important factors that makes us successful. No matter how many items you need to handle, where you’re located (within the US), or the time of year, reach out to Lewisco Holdings for liquidation.

Now that you know how to clear excess food inventory with liquidators at Lewisco Holdings instead of food brokers, click here or call (917) 210-9395 to recoup as much of your investment and space as possible.